Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rafting Down the Truckee River

Although the summer is coming to a head we’re not letting it slow us down. Today we assembled the troops and floated down the Upper Truckee River. Tabby even joined us, and boy she was a big hit among all the other floaters. Throughout the day each one of us managed to go overboard either by sheer luck of falling off or by the evil doings of another floater and being pushed off the raft. It was just another great Sunday Fun-day.
Jes and Claire Sun bathing on the Raft
"The Happy Tourist" and Jay
Nick and I with Tabby

Wood Wind Sunset Cruise

A few of us from Camp Rich got together the other night for a Sunset Cruise on the Woodwind. Here are a few photos.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh Captain, My Captain

Yesterday Nick and I left our camelbacks at home and instead of hiking another peak in Tahoe we went sailing. Little did we know what we were in for. Like any other boating adventure mass amounts of beer and snacks must be involved so like the good friends we are we showed up ready to set sail with two 12 packs and loads of munchies. The winds were stronger in the morning, but had died down by the time we launched, or so we thought. At first it had seemed as though we had lost all wind, but finally a few gusts came our way and we set sail. The course of action was from Cave Rock (in Nevada) to Camp Richardson (in California) just a 3-hour tour. Needless to say that was not the case. The winds picked up and we were surrounded by white caps... the little 20 foot Sailboat took a beating. About 9 hours, 20 beers, two broken bottles, and a wet cheese ball we arrived at Camp Rich. We docked the boat with ease, pulled down the sails and called it a night. Luckily I didn't lose my lunch on our little trip across the lake... next time I'll remember the drugs. It was another good day on the lake…and I even got to steer!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Mammoth :: Devil's Postpile, Beer Festival and Mono Lake

This year instead of running around chi-town for Lollapalooza I packed up the car with Nick and headed south for the weekend. Yes, to another mountain town... Mammoth. It was the 12th annual Mammoth Beer Festival and Bluesapalooza. What more could you ask for than Babes, Brews, and Blues. The weekend didn't just consist of drinking. We took a hike out to Devils Postpile (a national monument) and Rainbow Falls. Now this hike was nothing compared to Tallac or MT. Rose which both took several hours to summit. On the drive home we took a detour to Mono Lake and checked out South Tufa. We had to geek out a little bit.

Babes, Brews, & Blues.....
Only one beer in...
The Crew
Just the Girls...
Crowd Shot
Time for another Beer???
On the hunt...
Keep them coming
Devil's Postpile a Geologic wonder (National Monument)
Rainbow Falls is only another 2.5 hike from Devil's Postpile and is 101 feet high.
The crew at Rainbow Falls

Mono Lake - Mono Lake is an ancient lake, over 1 million years old -- one of the oldest lakes in North America. Throughout its long existence, salts and minerals have washed into the lake from Eastern Sierra streams. Freshwater evaporating from the lake each year has left the salts and minerals behind so that the lake is now about 2 1/2 times as salty and 80 times as alkaline as the ocean. The Tufa's where naturally created over time.