Thursday, November 8, 2007


It was another beautiful weekend in San Francisco with temperatures reaching to what felt like the high seventies, and the third annual ICER Air was under way. Once again it was held in San Francisco’s AT&T’s ballpark. With “The Village” aspect set up in the parking lot and the BIG jump and half pipe set up in the stadium. Numerous vendors and local mountain resorts showed up to sell their products and give away free swag.

To keep people entertained until the big event on Saturday night BMX, Skate and FMX demos took place in the village as well as in the half pipe right next to the big booter smack in the middle of the stadium.

After the prelims Saturday afternoon, go time hit and all the athletes headed to the top of the jump… and yes they had to climb back up 3 times. Someone mentioned it was about 200 steps or so. I’m sure adrenalin was running as they hit the run. We all waited on the edge of our seats to see a combination of big airs, new and revolutionary tricks, and man-made snow in San Francisco!

Pro Snowboarder Travis Rice took first, and decided to end the night by stripping off his goggles, jersey, and jacket and throwing them into the crowd. With the people wanting more he ended his victory strip by lastly tossing his snowboard into the crowd. Someone went home very happy.

And of course there was an after party, and as always all had a good time.

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