Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life as an Angel! - Sophomore year

The big fuzzy white boots were retired this year. These days you can find me at Fish Taco Friday raffling off swag from Heavenly, Riva, Rip N Willies and Flow. The best is when the Aussie’s win the Riva Thong, it is then worn on their head for the duration of the night.

About nine girls make up “The Heavenly Angels.” With there being so many of us this year it’s hard to get us all together. With that being said, we were able to assemble some of the troops when a writer from the Action called and said they wanted to do a “Day in the life of an Angel.” Action is a weekly local newspaper usually covering entertainment and what not. The best part about our exposé is we will be on the cover. Although, I have to share it with a few other girls I’m finally a COVER GIRL. Don’t worry the cover and article will be scanned and posted.

Our Angels ski day!

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