Sunday, March 16, 2008

Winter 07/08

“Skiing consists of wearing $3,000 worth of clothes and equipment and driving 200 miles in the snow in order to stand around at a bar and drink.”
- By Ralph Waldo Emerson

So far this has been the best snow season ever. Well, when I say ever what I mean by that is it’s the best I’ve ever experienced. With a month and a half still left I already have in around 50 days on the mountain.

So far this season:
- I’ve managed to obtain two brand new snowboards and even new bindings. (thank you Nick for the pow-board)

- I’m now addicted to the websites Steep & Cheap and Whiskey Militia – Thanks Adam!

- Smashed through POW on numerous occasions.

- Finally able to ride fire break more than once. Still waiting to do the backside down to Gardnerville.

- Went to Squaw for the very first time and for only $20.

- Shoveled and re-shoveled our driveway a million times (or at least it seemed that way)

- Battled with the mailman and snow burms. Our mail wasn’t delivered for a little over a month in January.

- Snapped a cable, and managed to get my car stuck a handful of times. I now drive with a shovel in my car.

- Learned to make a fire on my own without a blow torch – mother (yes, you read that correctly)

I’ve learned that no matter where you are riding it doesn’t matter; all that matter's is that you are having the time of your life, because you only live once.

Kirkwood - Feb. 2008

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