Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fano, Italy

After a night in Bologna    we quickly headed to Fano a Seaside city nestled by hilltops. According to Emily it’s the “Carlsbad” of Italy. Fano is often referred to as the “Adriatic Rivera.” All my plans prior to reaching Fano have be thrown out the window for one reason or another. For the next few weeks I plan on laying on the beach and traveling to hilltop cities all     while emerging myself in the Italian culture. I’m learning Italian slowing. I know how to order food and ask where things are, but I don’t have a clue what they are saying back to me.

Seldom have my travels brought me abroad to just live among the locals, but I feel this experience is just what I’m looking for and need. To the beach!

Fano, Italy the beachThe Corso on a Saturday morning during the weekly market.Just another day at the beach.The girls out drinking. Cara, Julia, Emily, and well me

Day One Traveling

When I decided to visit Emily and GC in Italy for the summer no one told me it would take 24 hours from departure to arrival. Let me break it down:

5 am - wake up
6:15 am - depart for airport
7 am - arrive at airport for check-in
7:30 am - get in line for security
9:10 am take off
8:50 am (next day in Italy) - land in Rome
11:45 am - Jump on train to Bologna
5 pm - arrive in Bologna ( the train took twice as long as it should have)

Emily and GC were at the train station when I arrived, we booked a hotel and soon found out they were over booked, but would give us a room even if it wasn't at their hotel. We ended getting an apartment for the night for the same price.
Too much.... Welcome to Italy

After a nice hot shower we posed for a picture before heading out to dinner.

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Camera

After researching like a mad woman, searching the nation, and waiting weeks my new camera finally arrived today. I was starting to think I would be visiting Italy with only a mental camera. In the end I decided to go with the Brown  Canon SD 1100.
Since Nick and I are both practical gift givers for my birthday he equipped me with all the extras I needed  for the camera. One of the coolest things was the Gorillapod. With the gorillapod I will able to travel anywhere and not have to worry about  having someone take my picture. Good job Nick!