Monday, July 14, 2008

The short of it all

I'm back from Italy. The trip only ended up being a month, but it was a good month. I was able to visit with my friends Emily and GC, meet some great people, teach English to little Italian kids, drink good wine and eat great food, all while attempting to learn and speak Italian.

Throughout my travels I have learned sometimes it's best not to have a plan, but to make it up as you go along. (Please note this isn't for everyone). Rather than bore everyone with a million different posts covering my daily routines, I will spare you with only one semi-long post.

Here's my story: I landed in Rome in early June not knowing what my future would hold. I quickly jumped on a train and headed Northeast to a little beach town named Fano (via bologna). Thinking I would only stay there for a few nights before setting out, I quickly changed my plans and decided to stay and live in Fano. At first I was living at Hotel Europa which was a quick 2 minute walk to the beach, but after a week or so I moved in with Frederica. Which then it was only a short 5-10 minute walk to the beach. (Frederica is Milko's girlfriend and Milko is the owner of Hotel Euorpa, son.)

My Room at Hotel Euorpa

My second home

I was even able to teach at a summer camp 20 minutes east of Urbino. Here's a shot of the rolling hills I had a view of everyday.

While I wasn't teaching I spent my time going to the beach, walking up and down the corso, BBQing on the forth of July as the Americans invaded Fano, going to the market on Saturday, and just trying to live like an Italian. The following pictures will describe it all.
The beach changing area in Fano... Lido Due

Emily and I out and about one night

Small shopping carts what's not to love

Just another day at the beach

The Main Square. It was 7am when I took this shot
After spending a month in Fano I said my farewells and headed to Rome before flying back to the states. All in all it was a good trip. until next time...

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