Friday, October 10, 2008

Me, a wood thief ?!

The time has come to start to preparing for winter; well actually if I was really thinking I would have collected and split wood say in May so come October the wood would have been seasoned, but no I didn’t do that.

So last Monday I decided it was time to start collecting wood. Truck check… permits check… someone to help collect wood double check… With our permit from the CTC we are able to collect two cords of wood, perfect right? Well only if there’s wood on the lot they give you a map for.

This is how our week has gone so far:
Monday night half a truck load
Tuesday night nothing
Wednesday night two truck loads!
Thursday night one truck load followed by being pulled over by three SLT sheriffs

Ok so why were we pulled over? It’s a funny story. Erin and I rallied and decided to collect wood; so we went back to the lot were Nick and I had collected wood the pervious night. We showed up packed the truck with wood and headed home. I wish I had pictures of us actually collecting wood as it was pretty comical.

On the way home while driving to the main road I spotted a cop driving towards us.

Tiara: Oh shit…Erin put on you seat belt.
Erin: It’s already too late
Tiara: oh Shit
(Cop flips a U and is now following us... no lights yet)
We drive out to the main road and still no lights. Turn onto the main road I look in the rearview mirror no lights. Ok maybe we’re in the clear… wait, wait for it lights! Shit!

We pull over and go through the normal stuff then he proceeds to tell us why we were pulled over. Get this we were pulled over for collecting wood. Meanwhile two more SLT sheriffs pull up! Apparently someone complained that there were people collecting wood. Wood gathering is a very serious…I came to learn this quickly. We had all our ducks in a line so the officer apologized for wasting our time and we went on our merry way.

Note to those collecting wood… make sure to have your permit or you’ll get arrested!

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