Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Tripin' in Canada...

What a whirlwind of a weekend... Last weekend I flew up to Whistler, Canada for 3 days, 2 nights. Of course I wanted to stay longer, but it wasn’t in the cards this time around. Friday, April 17th was the kick off of the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival and we were hosting the Girl Powder Pink Party at Maxx Fish. Once we arrived to Whistler we picked up a festival guide checked into our hotel, The Crystal Lodge, grabbed a bite to eat at Citta and started to plan out our weekend. Once we had some food in our system it was time to get ready for the Party. Dj Tina T was able to make it up from Sin City Las Vegas to spin some tunes and man did she have the crowd going till 2 in the morning!

Saturday was a free day and of course I had to go snowboarding. It would be a sin to travel the entire way to Whistler and not hit the slopes. I met up with an old buddy, Greg Wright, who was there with Freeskier Magazine and it was on. The first thing Greg said was “How scared do you want to get?” Of course we made our way to the top of the mountain first chance we got. Although it had snowed days earlier we were still able to find some fresh snow! After a few hours of riding the Blackcomb side we made our way over to the Whistler side via the Peak to Peak Gondola. Like any other day it ended with a few Kokane (Canadian beer) at Longhorns.

I took this shot after I contoured the chute on the left!
View from the Peak to Peak Gondola.
Going form Blackcomb to Whistler
Saturday night started off with a great art exhibit, followed with beers at Buffalo Bill’s, and then the Big Air Competition. Once the Big Air Competition ended we attempted to make our way into the silent disco after an hour wait (there were 30 people in front of us) we decided to head over to 21 Steps for a night cap. The food was amazing I high recommend it if you are traveling and staying in Whistler

Sunday was a rainy day and a travel day. None the less a long travel day which consisted of driving back to Seattle, waiting in line at the border for two hours and then driving 4 hours back to Tahoe from San Francisco. I left Whistler at 10am and arrived in Tahoe at 2:30 am the next day! Next time the trip will be much longer.
All in all it was a fantastic trip and I can't wait to go back to Whistler! Maybe for the 2010 Olympics?!

The Dj's for the GP Pink Party @Maxx Fish

Earth Day!!!

What does Earth day mean? Earth Day, celebrated April 22, is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Each day I try and do my part whether it's turning off lights, unplugging electronics I'm not using or recycling - - every little bit helps. Here is my inspiration for anyone who reads this on Earth Day and all the days that follow.

10 ways you can Lay Off the Energy

1. Say goodnight lights, and computers too. Turn 'em off when you're done.

2. Idlewise - never idle more that 5 minutes when you drive.

3. Cozy up for the climate - keep your thermostat at around 68 degrees year-round...dress in layers.

4. Be shady - lower or close window shades to control sunlight and solar heating during the hottest times of the day.

5. Unplug it - unplug unneeded equipment and appliances. Reducing standby power demands can save at least 5% (and upwards of 13%) in energy use.

6. Share a ride - carpool to meetings, events, etc...good for the environment

7. Keep it inside - close exterior doors to maximize indoor heating and cooling.

8. Do the energy sweep - last one out, shut it down.

9. Don't be Fuelish - combine trips and errands to save fuel

10. Think before you print - do you really need a paper copy? Save energy and a tree.

This cartoon is the perfect reflection of what the Earth would say about the general American population if it could talk. Do your part people it all adds up.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Favorite Patagonia Jacket: Women’s Morning Glory in Northern Light

Who doesn’t love shopping for new spring clothes once the snow has melted and the sun is shining. A few weeks ago I placed an order with Patagonia. I love Patagonia, their clothes last forever. My order included yoga pants, a couple dresses, a sports bra, and the Morning Glory Jacket. The Women’s Morning Glory Jacket is a sleek and lightweight jacket with slim fitted sides that show off all the right curves. The 92% nylon/8% spandex vapor wicking martial makes the Morning Glory Jacket multi functional; you can wear it to the gym, beach, around the house, farmers market, and anything else you can think of in your every day life. This jacket will be coming with me to Central America next month.

MSRP: $85
Colors: Northern Light(above), Plum, and Black

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Change of Plans!!!

A few posts ago I announced that Erin and I would be traveling to South America, well plans have changed. Since then a lot of things have happen and we are now going to Central America for some surf and sun. We are set to leave on May 21st for 3 weeks. Stay tune... I'll be blogging about trip planning, packing and all of our travel adventures. This mountain girl, via the city, is hitting the beaches in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.