Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nicaragua 2009

After being m.i.a for the last few months I'm back in Tahoe and ready to update everyone on my whereabouts. Well lets start from the beginning. My last day of work for 9 weeks started on May 8th. After a nine hour drive to San Diego I picked up Erin from the airport showed her around before heading to LA which is where our flight to Nicaragua was out of. We must have been drunk when we booked our tickets because our flight left at 2 am. We were delirious when we landed in Managua

First picture of us in Nicaragua. We're on the Chicken bus. 
This is also pre Erin getting her cell phone ripped out of her pocket. 
The hour bus ride to Granada only cost us $2.50 each and a cell phone. 
Welcome to Central America.

Once we arrived in Granada. We checked into the Bearded Monkey Hostel, dropped off our bags and explored the city. 

Above is an old church we saw along the way.

We spent the night lounging in hammocks at the Hostel planning out the next few days. With no hesitation we jumped on a shuttle the next morning and headed to the beach, San Juan Del Sur.

San Juan Del Sur was recommended to us by a friend and he did not steer us wrong. This quaint little beach town was just what we were looking for. Once we arrived we found a cute little hotel to stay at, Hotel Azul. For only $45 a night (breakfast included) we were able to stay just a block off the beach. It's paradise for any surfer and non-surfer.

The first day  we were there we decided to go on a fishing expedition. Erin was skunked and I caught a 6 inch catfish needless to say it was thrown back.

Above is the sunset from the open waters.

The second night in San Juan Del Sur was my 27th birthday so of course we had to go out and paint the town red. The hotel was having an "early" party (what we would call cocktail hour) with a DJ and 2 for 1 rum and cokes so naturally this is where we got the party started.

Erin and I in the beginning of the night.

After a few rum and cokes we hit up Henry's Iguana Bar, The Jungle Room, and a local dive bar before calling it a night. It even rained  that night. It was a birthday to remember.

Just one of the rounds of shots of tequila and beer!

After four days of enjoying the beaches of Nicaragua it was time to head to the boarder and see what Costa Rica had in Store for us.

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