Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas SF Style 2009

This year for Christmas Nick and I headed west to SF to spend some time with Britt and Matt. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. From Britt's place we walked down to Crissy Field and walked along the beach. I think Roxy enjoyed herself since she slept the rest of day. To sum up Christmas we pretty much drank and ate the entire day. Not a bad day at all.

Roxy with the Golden Gate Bridge behind her.

Roxy, all tuckered out spent most of her day lounging in front of the tree.

Attempting to roll the ginger bread dough out on the counter.  It didn't work to well.

Britt cleaning up our mess


Britt did such an awesome job with her tree. It looks a lot  like a mama Lesa tree to me.

Until next year!