Monday, October 25, 2010

Master Bedroom

There was a lot of blood sweat and tears thrown into this house and the master bedroom was just one of the rooms that received a full face lift. So, what did we do?  Well painted then painted some more. Replaced the carpet & bedroom door. Rebuilt  the inside of closet. The sliding door was reset as it was sitting a few inches higher than it should sit. During this process we discovered some crazy wiring which was then moved to a "safe" place in the wall. And of course added a few personal touches. Enjoy!

Walls: Koala Bear by Behr Paint  
Trim: Swiss Coffee from Kelly Moore Paint




Mountain Style Mondays:: Found on Craigslist

At one point or another everyone has either browsed, posted or bought something through Criagslist. During a "Pottery Barn" search through the SF Criagslist page I came across a vintage rocking chair. A old wooden rocking chair would complete any house whether it's shabby chic, mountain, or traditional.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Enter at your own risk

I bought a house and started ripping things out and then decided it was a good idea to move into the construction zone.

It's like summer camp everyday at my house. I have one working shower, one working toilet and one working sink. Here's the kicker, they're all in different rooms, HA!  Plus, my awesome plumber  just quit!

Upside- I can shower! and the bedrooms are finished minus the door knobs :) and decor. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mountain Style Mondays::Oh Deer

Although I have a bird dog, I'm not a hunter and I've never understood the appeal of hanging the head of  a stuffed, fill in whatever animal here, on the wall. It's creepy, like a room full of dolls staring at you while you sleep.  However, I do like the modern antlers in picture #2 - no eyes.   This week's installment of Mountain Style Mondays ... wall mounted animal heads and modern day antlers.  

Side note: I'm not positive if the pictured were at one point truly alive.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mountain Style Mondays::Pottery Barn

I love living in Tahoe and recently just purchased my first home in Tahoe. As I've been decorating I've come across all decor "mountain" which as been humorous on occasion.  Although, most folks go a bit overboard on the "mountain style" decor, I prefer subtle pieces. So here's the first installment of Mountain Style Monday's - the good the bad and straight up ugly. 

Today's  piece is the  Woodland Bird Bedside Lamp from Pottery Barn. This lamp would blend perfectly with my green walls and chocolate brown headboard. However,  make sure not to pair it with the matching bedding as you don't want an over kill.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

DIY: Farmers Market Bag

Last weekend during our trip to the Carson Valley I was able to hit up Joann's for some fabric. Michaels followed for yarn. Well, today I took some time and sat down and made...

I found the pattern/directions on the  Purl Bee blog.  It was super easy for this novice. The tote is great for the beach, farmers market, or just to and from work. I used a  natural color linen mix for the body and a  cotton quilting fabric in a  green vintage pattern for the straps.  This bag would make a great gift for any lady in your life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Walkabout - Taylor Creek

Fall is all around; leaves turning, crisp air, Oktoberfest, and Kokanee. Yesterday, Nick and I took a break from all the house stuff and took our Roxy girl for a  walkabout along Taylor Creek. We were even able to check out the Kokanee before the storm rolled in. Each year in Tahoe, usually the same weekend as the Camp Richardson Oktoberfest, there's a Kokanee Salmon Festival. Instead of hanging with the tourists we hiked back a little to check it out.

Hello Fall - Aspen Trees Turning

Roxy is a very happy dog. I think she knew we were going for a walk.

As soon as we reached the creek she was ready to swim, then she saw the fish and started chasing them!

Our pointer points.

Kokanee!! If you look close enough you can see red fish that's Kokanee.

More Aspen...

Taking it easy by the creek.

 Taylor Creek