Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Walkabout - Taylor Creek

Fall is all around; leaves turning, crisp air, Oktoberfest, and Kokanee. Yesterday, Nick and I took a break from all the house stuff and took our Roxy girl for a  walkabout along Taylor Creek. We were even able to check out the Kokanee before the storm rolled in. Each year in Tahoe, usually the same weekend as the Camp Richardson Oktoberfest, there's a Kokanee Salmon Festival. Instead of hanging with the tourists we hiked back a little to check it out.

Hello Fall - Aspen Trees Turning

Roxy is a very happy dog. I think she knew we were going for a walk.

As soon as we reached the creek she was ready to swim, then she saw the fish and started chasing them!

Our pointer points.

Kokanee!! If you look close enough you can see red fish that's Kokanee.

More Aspen...

Taking it easy by the creek.

 Taylor Creek