Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Rustic Chic

Picking a theme wasn’t hard for our Tahoe wedding. Since we met and live in Tahoe why wouldn’t we incorporate elements of its natural beauty. We’re calling it Rustic Chic. Here are a few inspirations for our theme. You can find these and many more rustic wedding ideas on my Pinterest Wedding Style board


 Who doesn't love cake!  I love how the cake is made to look like tree bark.

 Isn't the navy bridesmaids dresses and grey suits the perfect color combo. 
We'll add punches of yellow and greens too.

 The branch holders would be an easy and inexpensive DIY project.


What a gorgeous view. We'll have a view of the mountains and lake to enjoy during our wedding at Edgewood Tahoe.

What wedding theme did you choose for your wedding? 



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Engagement Photos

Being engaged is a special time. There are so many things to juggle from engagement parties to dress shopping to picking a color scheme & theme to our most recent check of the old check list engagement photos. Our photographer Melina Wallisch is amazing. She's located to South Lake Tahoe and has an eye for the natural beauty of Tahoe.

Back in October we headed out to a meadow near Taylor Creek for the first location before heading down to Tallac and Valhalla Estates on the lake.  Below are a few photos.

Melina featured our session on her blog too! I can't wait to see her photos from the wedding!

Where did you take your engagement photos?



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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: The Bridesmaid Dress

We have a dress Houston.... now that the wedding dress has been bought I can safely pick out a bridesmaid dress and tell the world. I said yes to jcrew. I love their clothes so why wouldn't I love their wedding line. 

First things first narrowing down the color. Navy or grey...grey or navy. Since I'm planning on incorporating Tahoe's natural elements into the wedding the winner was dark navy (below).

Dark Navy
Dark Pewter
All three dresses below were contenders, but only one could win and it's The Gabby. Made of cotton taffeta (love the crisp, refined feel and subtle sheen), The Gabby features asymmetrical draping on the bodice accented with a soft ruffle for an extra bit of textural interest. I love the slimming lines and slight detail on the bodice. It will definitely compliment the wedding dress.

The Gabby
Bow Monde

What color did you pick for your bridesmaid dress? Did you go with jcrew too? I would love to hear from you.



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: The Wedding Dress

This past weekend I headed down to San Francisco, met up with my sister and shopped for wedding dresses. (Note, this was the first time I've tried on dresses since becoming engaged in June.) Yes, I'm not like most brides, but I knew what I did (simple & off white) and didn't (lace, beading etc) want in a dress. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have found THE dress my first weekend out looking.

The first appointment on Saturday was at this cute little boutique shop in Russian Hill, Atelier Des Modistes. Susan was lovely and really narrowed down what dress style best fit my body. I left feeling I had found a dress. Of course it was the first dress I tried on. After lunch we headed over to Amy Kuschel, Union Square, where I continued to try on numerous dresses. We compared each dress to the first dress at the first place (Atelier Des Modistes) as it was a beautiful dress we both fell in love with. However, I found a another beautiful dress named Lucky in Love at Amy Kuschel. Still muling over the dresses we  checked out Glamour Closet, a discount store, just to see what they had before calling it a day ... no luck.

Amy Kuschel "Lucky in Love" Dress -
With every sale of this dress $50 is donated to the San Francisco SPCA 
After a day of dress shopping I was still set on the "first dress." Sunday we had one more appointment at 11 am and I'm glad we kept it. Bridal Galleria was the last stop of the weekend before heading back to Tahoe. Upon walking in we were told they were hosintg a Marisa trunk show and offered 10% off to anyone who purchase a dress that day. The designer himself was even there commenting on each dress I tried on. Again the first dress of the day was THE dress. However, this time it was bought - well two days later over the phone after my sister found out it was 50% off! That's a whole another story. It was meant to be.....

You're probably wondering which one or what does it look like? Well you'll just have to wait to see this amazing dress on my wedding day, August 19, 2012.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Eat Cake

Cakes, cupcakes, or a variety of desserts it's up to you. Living in the mountains I want to bring the natural elements inside. We're looking at various ways we can display our cake and other treats. The idea of using rounds as a cake stand adds a nice rustic chic element. Plus it's super easy to DIY - no need to break the bank. Here are a few cake/dessert display stands you might find on my "Wedding Style" board over at Pinterest.




Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Centerpiece Inspiration

Centerpieces can pull a room and theme together. They can be DIY'd or store bought, made of flowers, fabrics, candles, or a combination. I've always said simple is best, but get creative with your centerpieces; they can be completely tailored to your wedding theme, color, or style, and pinterest is a great place to look and catalog ideas + inspiration!






Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Engagement Party

Back in September Nick and I made a quick trip to San Diego to Celebrate our engagement and well brake in the new backyard.  Although my mom had just broke her foot it didn’t slow her down. There was a Rasta Taco - taco cart  making  chicken and carnitas street tacos, a margarita machine and even sangria. Plus friends and family. Thanks Mom and everyone who helped us celebrate.

Tiara and Nick Ready for another drink.

Marcus making some drinks at the outdoor kitchen.

Emily, Tiara, & Lindy
Brooklyn enjoying the tacos and lily waiting for her to drop something.

And then there were shots... Nick hid at this point.
Engagement Party Tips:

Who should host your engagement party?
Traditionally, the parents of the bride host, but today there aren't hard and fast rules. The bride and groom can host it themselves, or a friend or other family member can undertake the hosting duties.

What kind of event should it be?
This depends on your budget and personal style. It can be a formal affair with printed invitations and reply cards, a casual backyard barbecue, or anything in between. A cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres is always a safe bet.

Who should be invited to your engagement party?
You'll definitely want to invite your two families so they can get to know one another. It's bad etiquette to invite anyone other than those who will definitely be invited to the wedding, so it's probably best to limit the guest list to those very close to you. Typically, guests who would have to travel are not invited, as you will already be asking them to travel for the wedding. (The exception to this rule would be the parents of the bride or groom).

When should you hold your engagement party?
For those with especially long engagements, engagement parties are held one to three months after the engagement, and/or about a year before the wedding. For others it can be held any time more than six months before the wedding.

Should you expect gifts and register for them?
You shouldn't expect gifts as etiquette does not dictate that guests should bring them. But the announcement of an engagement inevitably gets some guests thinking about gifts, and this is a time that they might start asking your family where you are registered. Some of your guests will bring a present to the party. Therefore it's a good idea to have registered for a few things before sending the invitations. However, as not everyone will bring something, don't make the gifts a central part of the party. Put them aside, and open them after the guests have left. Don't forget to send thank you notes!

For other wedding and engagement FAQ's has you covered.

Happy Planning!



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays - Our Venue

This year is going to be crazy... crazy busy planning a wedding. So here we go the first installment of Wedding Wednesday’s leading up to our big date, August 19, 2012. Follow along as I plan out the fun festivities, DYI projects and everything in-between.

The deposit is down and the date is set. Drum roll please.... We're getting married at


Where did you get married or are you currently busy planning a wedding? Would love to hear from you.
 Until next week….
XO Tiara

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Where did summer go? It's been a blast, but fall is officially here. We had some serious weekend warriors over the last few months.

My brother took advantage of his 3 month stay in SF making it up to Tahoe a few times this summer. Although, we did put him to work on the house one weekend we still had fun riding bikes, hiking and just showing him around.

Marcus, Roxy and I @ Echo Lakes
It only took Trixie a year and a half to make it back to Tahoe, but I'm sure we'll see her this winter. I do owe her a trip to Seattle... While in town we cruised around on bikes, hiked and hit up the Celebrity Golf Tournament. She even let me drag her to Ikea! That's a friend

Trixie & I @Edgewood Tahoe # CelebGolf
And of course it wouldn't be summer if my dad didn't make a few trips to Tahoe to help out on the house.(More posts about that later)
Marcus, Nick & Dad working
All in all it was a good summer. I did finally try paddleboarding for the first time and loved it.

Until next summer....

If winter is anything like last year a trip to mex will be needed come March.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Tahoe Wedding Venues

It's been nearly two months since Nick and I got engaged and we still haven't locked in a venue or date. We're getting there! While we debate which venue suits us check out our picks.

Top 5 Tahoe Wedding Venues:

1. Vahalla Estate - South Shore
{photo credit}
2. Edgewood Tahoe - South Shore
{photo credit}
3. Tunnel Creek Lodge - East Shore
{photo credit}
4. Ehrman Mansion - West Shore
{photo credit}

5. Zephyr Cove Resort - South Shore
{photo credit}
Which venue are you voting for?

We plan on announcing our pick later this week! Fingers crossed.  While you wait with anticipation cruise over to Tahoe Unveiled for some wedding inspiration.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Move, Learn, Eat - Rick Mereki

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films..... Thanks Em for sharing...just brilliant.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Yes it's Thursday, but it's time for a weekend recap. We've been busy with weekend warriors and working on the house. Some serious headway has been made on the house this summer. Tons of house updates are currently sitting in draft  mode and coming soon to a blog near you.

This past weekend we spent more time having fun than working on the house. Saturday we headed to Carson City ran a few errands and road the V&T railroad - Toast of the Canyon. For more about our ride check out the blog post I wrote for Carson City here.

The McCould No.18

All Smiles

Sunday we got up early and drove towards Spooner for a little mountain biking on the Flume Trail. There are a few different options. Two popular routes are - 13 miles and shuttle back to the Spooner Lake Day area or the 22 miles loop. Either way, the first 4 miles are up hill with varying pitches. I made sure to read up on the Flume Trail tips before biking it.  I was stoked to give the Specialized Myka Expert HT 29er a good challenge. She had been good to me so far and did not disappoint Sunday.

Stopping to enjoy the view.
By the time we hit Marlette Lake a break was due. Roxy needed to cool off and went for a swim. This crazy girl was in the water before anyone had a chance to throw a stick.  We chilled, snacked and hydrated before heading down the trail.

Roxy cooling off with a swim
Heading back to the Spooner Lake day area was a breeze...ALL DOWN HILL. Roxy was beat when we reached the car. Lets just say she was passed out before we pulled out of the parking lot.

Headin' down hill
Start: Spooner Lake day use area, State Route 28
End: State Route 28 for the shuttle or Spooner Lake day area for the loop
State Park Entry Fee: Drive in $10, Bike in $2 per person
Bike Rentals Available: Yes, Trailhead Mountain Bike Rentals

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th

{Photo Credit}
Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone's weekend is full of bbq's and fireworks.  As a kid I always looked forward to lighting off fireworks. Who doesn't love sparklers?!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

30 B4 30

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today marks the beginning of the end. Just kidding! But it is the first day of the last year in my twenties which is a scary thought, but isn't 30 the new 20? Or is that what those say on their 30th birthday to help ease the pain? My 20's were devoted to adventure and self discovery. So what will I devote my 30's to? It's a good thing I have a year to figure it out.

First things first lets reflect on some highlights (The short list) from my 20's as they have been good to me.
  • Graduated from college
  • Traveled to numerous countries (not even going to try & count)
  • Had some pretty awesome jobs
  • Moved to Tahoe
  • Bought a house
  • Met an amazing  guy named Nick 
  • Seen friends marry and have babies
  • Made some amazing friends
  • Found a new love for outdoor sports
  • Learned how to use power tools and started building a table (should be done soon)
  • Learned patience from a 60lb GSP named Roxy (Nick would say I'm still learning)

30-B4-30  (My bucket list for the last year of my 20's)
  1. Complete a 5k race (I've never actually ran in one  - I can run, but I hate running)
  2. Hike Mt Whitney (no permit in hand, but that doesn't mean I still can't try?!)
  3. Visit Manu Pichu
  4. Kayak around Lake Tahoe (72 miles)
  5. Volunteer/Donate More
  6. Bike across Golden Gate Bridge
  7. Make a book of my 20's
  8. Fit, Fabulous, and Sexy (nicer way of saying lose 10 lbs - yes I know it's vain )
  9. Give up coffee for the year (this will be a hardest one of all)
  10. Ski more
  11. Build Something all by myself (Nick is helping with the table)
  12. Bike around Lake Tahoe
  13. Blog more (or more in a timely manner)
  14. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up (not sure if I ever will)
  15. Work on my photography
  16. Take a class for fun at the community college
  17. Work on my Spanish
  18. Freelance more
  19. Sew more
  20. Start a business
  21. Start and veggie/herb garden
  22. Bike through wine country
  23. Travel more within the US
  24. Eat more natural foods - less sweets
  25. Hike Mt Shasta
  26. Go whitewater rafting
  27. Visit Nick's hometown in South Dakota (after 4 years I still haven't been back)
  28. Go apple picking in the Fall
  29. Spend less save more (I do this already, but I really want a new kitchen)
  30. Most of all have FUN!
This is just a sample list of  my life's bucket list. I'll be able to cross off a good amount in the next year. Stay tune, who knows what the next year will hold for me!

Monday, May 16, 2011

House Tour

Welcome to our home take a seat, relax, and enjoy the viewing. Our house is a major work in progress so there isn't too many after pictures but only progress. Remember we only moved in last August. With the crazy winter we didn't accomplish as much as we would have liked too. So here we go the first round of the many house tours to come.  - xoxo

The House is on a double lot making our front and back yard massive! Now that the snow has melted we've started working on the irrigation system. Before we know it we'll have a yard full of grass.

Front Yard:

Back Yard:

Living room:

We divided up the living room into two separate spaces. However, one really doesn't have a purpose yet. Unfortunely we were unable to use the fireplace this winter as it has a crack. Something on the summer project list. Nick stacked the wood just for looks. As you can tell paint goes a long way.

Area #1

Area #2

Kitchen/ Dining Room

 Like the living room we broke the space in the kitchen up into two spaces. Half to be used as a eat-in dining area.  I can't wait until we really tackle the kitchen! Read about removing the random cabinets here.


All the rooms needed a complete overhaul and we did just that. Paint, carpet, and new base boards. Want more? Check out the master bedroom post here.


Guest Room #1

Guest Room #2


Not much to say other than it still has a loooonnnnng way to go.


Before the hallway was dark like the rest of the house, but with a little paint and time we were able to brighten it right up.

Full Bath

The first major project part DIY. Read the full story here and here.

1/2 Bath
The tiny bathroom is located just off the mudroom and was in need of some serious tlc. For more details check out the full post here.