Friday, March 25, 2011

Snow Snow Snow

It's been a week full of snow here. In order to document the snowfall I tried to take a picture a day to show the accumulation. Friday 3/18 there wasn't any snow on the roof!

Saturday 3/19

Sunday 3/20

Monday 3/21

Thursday 3/24
 Friday 3/25 house shot....... Coming soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

1/2 Bath aka "The Powder"

The house hunting progress is different for everyone. To help us along we narrowed down what we wanted to a Top 3 must list. High on the list was two bathrooms, one would have been a deal breaker. We ended up settling with 1 1/2 bath, which in our book was a-ok. Like the rest of the house the 1/2 bath was in need of a major face lift and with the full remodel of the full bath under our belt we were ready to take on the project. It's still a work in progress but we're getting there. It's amazing what a little paint and some elbow grease will do.
First things first, the sink came down was given a good wash and new chrome piping went in. We had leaky pipes in the 1/2 bath from day one. Next up, wallpaper! The wallpaper had to be torn down and the walls had to be washed. Once the walls dried from a good washing they were primed then painted. Like the rest of the house we used Kelly Moore paint.  

In Progress
The medicine cabinet and sink are original to the house - straight from 1959. Since they actually were still in good condition they'll be sticking around a bit longer. They add character to the house. Everything was painted: ceiling, walls, door and trim. It's such a small space so to help save on the $$$ flow we used some leftover paint form the living room. Now our 1/2 bath and living room are Tumble Stone from Kelly Moore Paints. To stay consistent with the house the ceiling and trim were both painted Swiss Coffee, with the trim & door in semi-gloss and  the ceiling in flat. A replacement light fixture was picked up from Lowe's for $29, but we only paid $19 because we had a coupon for $10 off.  The hand towels and towel rack were picked up from Target while the tp storage holder is from Ross Dress for Less.

Work in Progress

What's left?
  • New flooring
  • New toilet
  • Art to spruce up the walls
So how much did we spend so far?
  • Sink: $0
  • Medicine Cabinet: $0
  • Toilet: $0 (to be replaced later)
  • Paint: $0 left over from living room
  • Sink Faucet: $0 used existing one
  • Light fixture: $19 (used a $10 off coupon)
  • 2 Hand Towels: $15.98
  • Towel Rack: $12
  • Towel Holder: $4
  • New door Knob: $11.98
  • Plumbing & Materials about $75 
Total Cost: $137.93

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shovel What?!?

Although I'm behind on posting and these pictures are from last month it's fitting as it snowed again last night. With that said, the last series of back to back storms left us with a mound of snow in front of our mail box preventing us from receiving our mail...bills really.
After 72 hours of snowfall the mailbox was almost covered.
We let the snow pile up as neither one of us really wanted to shovel the area. After a posting on Facebook we were gifted a 10+ year old snowblower from our friend Aimi X. Once the clouds parted and the sun was shining we went to town digging out the mail box.

Digging in
While Nick used the snowblower I broke up the bigger pieces with the shovel. No gym needed as it was a workout. About two hour's later give or take we were done. In order to receive mail we need at least a 20 foot clearance. I think we did it?

2 + hours later
In order to keep the "beast" running Nick did a little maintenance afterwards. Oil change etc... Oh and he has plans to work on it this summer. It's a guy thing I guess :) Until next time...
A little maintenance never hurts

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let the Dogs Play

Roxy loves the snow. So when we received feet upon feet last month she was ready to romp. Usually when I'm shoveling I'll let her out in the front to play. Well one morning her boyfriend Astro was out front and they had a blast running through the 2 feet of snow in the street. Yes they were in the street, we were waiting for the plow to come by. Check out a few photos below.

Roxy is actually pointing, but the snow is too deep.

Astro Loves Roxy

Astro and Roxy playing in the snow (in the street)

Roxy waiting for the plow to come