Monday, March 21, 2011

1/2 Bath aka "The Powder"

The house hunting progress is different for everyone. To help us along we narrowed down what we wanted to a Top 3 must list. High on the list was two bathrooms, one would have been a deal breaker. We ended up settling with 1 1/2 bath, which in our book was a-ok. Like the rest of the house the 1/2 bath was in need of a major face lift and with the full remodel of the full bath under our belt we were ready to take on the project. It's still a work in progress but we're getting there. It's amazing what a little paint and some elbow grease will do.
First things first, the sink came down was given a good wash and new chrome piping went in. We had leaky pipes in the 1/2 bath from day one. Next up, wallpaper! The wallpaper had to be torn down and the walls had to be washed. Once the walls dried from a good washing they were primed then painted. Like the rest of the house we used Kelly Moore paint.  

In Progress
The medicine cabinet and sink are original to the house - straight from 1959. Since they actually were still in good condition they'll be sticking around a bit longer. They add character to the house. Everything was painted: ceiling, walls, door and trim. It's such a small space so to help save on the $$$ flow we used some leftover paint form the living room. Now our 1/2 bath and living room are Tumble Stone from Kelly Moore Paints. To stay consistent with the house the ceiling and trim were both painted Swiss Coffee, with the trim & door in semi-gloss and  the ceiling in flat. A replacement light fixture was picked up from Lowe's for $29, but we only paid $19 because we had a coupon for $10 off.  The hand towels and towel rack were picked up from Target while the tp storage holder is from Ross Dress for Less.

Work in Progress

What's left?
  • New flooring
  • New toilet
  • Art to spruce up the walls
So how much did we spend so far?
  • Sink: $0
  • Medicine Cabinet: $0
  • Toilet: $0 (to be replaced later)
  • Paint: $0 left over from living room
  • Sink Faucet: $0 used existing one
  • Light fixture: $19 (used a $10 off coupon)
  • 2 Hand Towels: $15.98
  • Towel Rack: $12
  • Towel Holder: $4
  • New door Knob: $11.98
  • Plumbing & Materials about $75 
Total Cost: $137.93


  1. Wow!!! Looks fresh and clean. I love the vintage sink! For art you should take pictures of your favorite spots in Lake Tahoe and frame them.

  2. @ Spiteri-carrillo - Thanks! We were thinking either Tahoe pictures, vintage prints, or maybe even a montage of postcards from over the years. I guess you'll have to wait and see!