Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Goodbye Random Cabinets

Although working on the house this winter has been slow going we are making progress room by room. Our kitchen & dining room flow together as one big room. Since the cabinets in the "dining" area didn't exactly match the kitchen cabinets and bottom portion didn't even have a countertop we decided there were coming out!

First the top portion which we soon discovered was actually two pieces put together as one! Up next, the bottom portion. The countertop was easy, just a piece of plywood not even bolted down! Nick quickly got to work removing the cabinets one by one. Like the top there were multiple cabinets, four to be exact! Once all were removed Nick hauled them off to the shed to be dealt with later. Maybe we'll use them in the garage...

Left with a number of holes in the wall we patched, primed, and painted. Since we weren't too stoked on the peachy paint color on the walls already, we ended up painting the entire kitchen!Ambitious, right?! Back in the Fall when Kelly Moore Paints mixed up the wrong paint I ended up coming home with 3 extra gallons of paint courtesy of Kelly Moore. Since they were still part of our color scheme, just the wrong sheen at the time, we decided to use a gallon of the Meadow Day Semi- Gloss in the kitchen.

Here you can actually see the new color, the peachy old color, and the patched and primed wall where the lower cabinets once lived.

I spy 3 different plug locations! I think the previous home owner loved plugs because every wall has multiple.

Some what all said and done. Now we just have to fix the minor hole in the wood floor and add a little art/decor.

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