Monday, April 25, 2011

Still on the Country Train

When my style results came back from the Sproost quiz, where I blogged about here I found it interesting that overall I was cottage chic. Intrigued, I took a few more style quizzes I found on YoungHouseLove. They have a nice little list of quizzes included in Three ways to Pin down Your Style under #2.

Without hesitation, I headed over to the Ikea  business website to partake in their simple 9 question quiz. Much like the Sproost quiz the Ikea quiz is made up of a a series of images to pick from. Don't stress just choose the ones you like as there isn't a right or wrong anwser. 

The results are in and I'm still on the country train.

80% Country
20% Scandinavian
0% Modern

Country Natural:

You can't apply one style like a blanket. We suggest a combination of style and values to create the look you want. Remember to use details, textures or textiles, to let your personality shine through. Mix and match these options to create a truly unique business space. make business personal again.

Take the 9 question quiz here. Don't be afraid to share your results.

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