Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Tahoe Wedding Venues

It's been nearly two months since Nick and I got engaged and we still haven't locked in a venue or date. We're getting there! While we debate which venue suits us check out our picks.

Top 5 Tahoe Wedding Venues:

1. Vahalla Estate - South Shore
{photo credit}
2. Edgewood Tahoe - South Shore
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3. Tunnel Creek Lodge - East Shore
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4. Ehrman Mansion - West Shore
{photo credit}

5. Zephyr Cove Resort - South Shore
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Which venue are you voting for?

We plan on announcing our pick later this week! Fingers crossed.  While you wait with anticipation cruise over to Tahoe Unveiled for some wedding inspiration.


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  1. They all look gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see where I'll be partying in 2012!!!!