Monday, May 14, 2012

April showers bring May flowers

And in our case we go to the nursery and buy plants. There might have been flight difficulties this weekend resulting in my dad not making it up. However, Nick and I still made the most of the weekend. We biked powerline trail, built a patio table and went to town gardening the front yard. All in all I would call it a successful weekend!

When we bought the house, August 2010, the grass in the front yard was nearly dead and non-existent in the back!

August 2010
We decided not to do anything that Fall. Once Summer finally rolled around we were on it -- seeding and watering, seeding and watering. By the end of Summer 2011 it was lush and green!

 August 2011
Fast forward to Spring 2012 -- the grass is growing in nicely and mostly on it's own. We did have to seed a few spots here and there.

May 2012

Since the grass is dialed it's about time we start planting in the flowerbeds. So Saturday we made the first of two trips to Aspen Hollow and we went to town!  Thinking we were only going to leave with a few flowers we left with two 1-gallon rockrose, one 6-pack of lupines, one 6-pack of catmint, one 6-pack of stevia and another gallon shrub that smelled awesome but I can't remember the name for the life of me!

We started with the flowerbed next to the walkway (above) planting a few little guys from each of the 6-packs. Once the plants were in we topped the flowerbed with compost and added a rock border (we have a ton just laying around) and a few for decoration. The plan is to one day replace the lime green garden stool with a big boulder.

Sunday we headed back to Aspen Hollow for compost and picked up another rockrose plus some herbs and berries. Then we tackled the flowerbed in the yard (above) planting 3 rockrose (below) and well everything else. Right now it's hard to see everything as they're a bit small, but hopefully in a month or so they'll start to fill in a little.


What are you planting in your flowerbeds this year?


  1. Wow! Nice post. I really love the changes you make.

  2. Where did you get the green barrel in your post?

    1. vanessa I picked it up at Ross for only $29! talk about a steal.

  3. The grass you seeded looks great! Stoppin' in from Jen's blog. Looking forward to poking around...