Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kitchen Diaries: Part Two

As I mentioned yesterday we were very busy last week working hard to finish our kitchen project.

Sprucing up the kitchen has been on our list since we moved in, nearly two years ago. You can see why in the picture below -- It's stuck in 1959!
August 2012 -- The month we closed on the house!
After the kitchen was empty we went to town sanding. Roughly one day and two nights worth of work we were ready to prime.  With all the other painting projects we had plenty of  Kelly-Moore primer to cover the project.

Sanding done -- Starting to prime
On day five, after a coat of primer it was time to start painting! We went with Dura Poxy Plus from Kelly-Moore in Swiss Coffee (aka white). The dura poxy was designed to resist chemicals, oils and everyday stains from coffee to red wine! I can scrub to my hearts content without the paint wearing. I might have to repaint a few things in the house with dura poxy.

And here she is... so fresh and so clean!

Ta-Da  --  May 5, 2012
Originally there were handles on every drawer & door. We replaced the doors with knobs from Lowe's, cleaned up the old handles and hinges and sprayed them with stain nickel metal spray paint by Valspar.

We still have a few touch ups here and there and need to tackle the island in the middle. I personally want to replace it with a mobile island and Nick thinks we should work with the one we have. Time will tell. This may not be my dream kitchen, but boy it looks 10 time better! 

What tweaks have you made to your dated kitchen?


  1. Looks Great Tiara, so much brighter!

  2. It looks great Tiara!!! The red actually works with the white!