Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's get organized

I can happily say we finished the kitchen over the weekend! More on that tomorrow. Do you ever look at your junk drawer and say I really need to clean it out?  Well, I do! I had the perfect opportunity to go through the "junk," since we emptied the kitchen cabinets and drawers to paint. Yesterday, before just dumping all the goods back into the dreaded junk drawer I headed to Kmart (wish Target was closer) and bought myself a "junk drawer organizer" for only $7.98.

It may have looked a little like this before. eek.

Back at the house with my new organizer I went to town. Everything is now in its place. For some reason I have 10 sharpie markers -- who knew! It feels good not to have to dig every time I need to find something.

....and now it looks a little like this!

Have you started any spring cleaning or organizing? What are some of your tricks?

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