Thursday, May 3, 2012

Parson Chairs

While we slave away over the kitchen here's the update I promised about our kitchen chairs. When we went to build the farmhouse table we weren't sure about benches, so I set out for the most comfortable & affordable design pleasing chairs I could find. Typically parson chairs are a little on the pricy side, but I was on a mission. After narrowing it down to leather chairs from overstock ($109/2), canvas chairs from Crate & Barrel ($299/1) and canvas chairs from Ikea ($69/1) with removable covers -- it was a no brainier. Since I decided to go with white it made the most sense to purchase the Ikea chairs -- I could at least wash them when they start looking dirty. The price was right too.


Crate & Barrel


After making the trip to the closest Ikea in W. Sacramento, Nick went to town putting them together -- easy breezy. Once the covers were on, nice and snug, each chair was given a coat of scotch guard.

Ta-da... We purchased 6 chairs for now, but might add two more. Maybe those will have a fun print or slightly different style. What do you think? I'm happy to report we've had the chairs for 10 months and still love them. We did unfortunately have to return one faulty chair. The one shopping at Ikea perk -- you can return furniture anytime as long as you have the receipt!

Stay tune more kitchen updates coming soon.

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