Thursday, May 17, 2012

Simple Patio Table Part One

Last summer we built a kitchen table and this summer were building some patio furniture -- starting with a simple patio table.

We went to our local lumber yard Meeks and picked up:
  • 5 – 12′ – 1×4 Boards 
  • 5 – 8′ – 1×4 
  • 1 – 12′ 2×4

After the run for lumber, we made all our cuts. Yes that's me using a power saw. I'm surprised Nick lets me near them.

Once all the cuts were made we started screwing and glueing the frame. Instead of screwing the tabletop to the frame we used the finishing gun, but first we laid out all the boards (below).

In no time we were screwing on the legs and moving the table to the back yard.

Since we used the finishing to gun attach the top the holes needed to be filed in (below).  Up next sanding, maybe some stain, thompson's water sealer, and some benches to sit on.

This table is super lightweight and will look awesome once we have everything else in place. Oh and total cost so far $54!

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