Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday's: The Guy

Nearly five years ago we met and in a short 4 days we'll be married!

Nick & I in Cabo San Lucas circa 2010

10 reasons why Nick is awesome !

10. He's from SD too (the other one, you know South Dakota)
9. He gives the dog plenty of cuddle time on "her" bed (all while talking to her in his roxy dog voice)
8. He loves to take me on death marches and let's me take him mountain biking
7. He humors me
6. He's patience with my 1,000+ crazy ideas (for the house and in general)
5. He loves that I make time for the girls and time for just us.
4. He's really handy around the house and with the saw (see cupcake stand)
3. I think he's ready to travel the world with me
2. He makes me laugh
1. He's my best friend

Nick, thank you for being such an amazing person and the rock 
that keeps me and my crazy ideas grounded.

xo, tiara


  1. I hope you and Nick have a long and wonderful marriage. Remember to laugh....and hugs are very important. Good luck.
    Rubi Fanzone

  2. I love this!! U are both awesome amazing people

  3. Congrats on the wedding! how exciting!