Monday, October 29, 2012

Hiking Lake Tahoe :: High Meadow Road & Cold Creek Loop

The title should really read: A Snowy Walkabout. Last week we received more snow than predicted, about 1-3 ft depending on elevation. Either way it didn't stop my friend Arica and I from getting out with the dogs yesterday -- it was a nice 60 degrees. 

Cold Creek Loop/ High Meadows Road both feed into Powerline Trail and are know as mountain bike trails. Although we both agreed a bike ride would have been nice, we knew there was probably still snow on the ground and didn't want to press our luck. However we did see one brave soul mountain biking in the snow!

I would consider the hike a moderately easy. Although we weren't keeping track we probably hiked for 2 hours and about 5 miles.

It was nice to venture out, stretch the legs and run the dogs. Bonus: Roxy was out cold shortly after getting home.

Top Row: Snow Capped Mountains
Bottom Row: Aspen Leaf in the snow & Roxy being a sweet girl

Getting there:

From South Lake Tahoe take Pioneer Trail west, turn left on High Meadow Road. Take the road until it dead ends. You can park in the lot and bike or hike from there. Another option: if the forest service gate it open you can drive all the back to the High Meadow trailhead.

What I Wore:

Camelbak (similar)

What's in my pack for Roxy:

Collapsible Water Bowl (similar)
2 cups of food
Treats (for my pocket)

Snowy trail ahead.

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  1. wow the snow is beautiful!! i love how it just blankets everything and your dog looks like they were enjoying it for sure

  2. I bet that was a BEAUTIFUL hike! What a great way to spend you weekend!