Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding Wednesdays :: Bridesmaid Gifts

Even though it's been well over a month since our wedding there are still a few details left to share, like Bridesmaids gifts! At first I wasn't sure what to buy the girls. I thought about making something but realized I didn't have the time. At that moment Etsy came into play -- after searching for a few days and mulling it over with my sister, I ended up purchasing a dainty circle necklace from  The Silver Wren and glass earrings from Ava Hope Designs -- keeping in mind they would wear the pieces for the wedding (and hopefully afterwards).

This was my first time ordering anything from Etsy and I was extremely pleased with each shop owner. You can bet there will be more Etsy orders in my future.



  1. Such cute finds! I love Etsy and have seen so many great things as well! I have ordered a few things and have had the same positive things to say about the owners.

  2. Perfect choices! I especially love that necklace. Etsy is such a neat way to find orginial pieces and support small businesses!

  3. fabulous finds and an adorable idea!!! loved looking at your wedding pics as well! gorgeous setting... you and your husband are PRECIOUS! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

    1. You're too Sweet, Thank you. We're lucky to have awesome family and friends.