Thursday, December 13, 2012

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
Your branches green delight us!

One of my favorite things at Christmas, other than loads of cookies, is decorating the Christmas tree! Nick tried telling me he wasn't bringing home a tree this year since we'll be in Colorado, but one evening I came home and this guy was waiting!

You know what came next! I marched right out to the shed and brought in all the Christmas decorations and ornaments! ....and started decorating.

 I'm missing my tree skirt, but here's the finished look (my picture skills are lacking).

And a few close up of the ornaments.

The Heavenly Gondola is one of my favorite ornaments. It reminds me of the 4.5 years I worked there and the day's I've spent snowboarding with Nick and friends.

 My in-laws sent Roxy the  paw  ornament her first Christmas!

You might recognize the T+N from the wedding! I turned all the mini rounds used as table names into ornaments.

Lastly, there are a handful of DIY'd snowflakes. I love this touch. Do you have any personal touches on your tree?

I love my tree and I'm still learning from the best, my mother! Check out the two trees she put up in her house this year! Yes she decorated them herself and no she is not a paid professional.

When do you usually put up your tree?

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  1. we picked up our tree the first weekend of December usually that is when we do it and even though we go away we get a real tree. I love the smell and would miss it too much if we got a fake one! That was nice of your hubby to surprise you with the tree!

  2. Cute tree! I love remembering where all of our ornaments came from. We get a few new ones each year and they are always symbolic of something!

  3. LOVE all your ornaments!! :)

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