Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Roxy the German Shorthaired Pointer

Two and a half years ago I drove out to Sparks, NV and picked up this girl ... we call her Roxy. 
My life has never been the same.  Living with a German Shorthair Pointer isn't like living with a lab or golden they're little smarty pants with a dash of crazy, a lot of love and the stamina of a race horse. 

But look at this face!

What makes this GSP tick

For every 5 miles we walk/run/hike she goes 10/15 miles
This lover is a great little cuddler
She's always bird hunting
She doesn't let us be lazy -- we try... sometimes
Extremely smart
 Tricks include: sit, lay, shake, roll over, sit pretty, flip the treat off the nose and bang bang... she doesn't go down easy it takes a few shots
Crazy funny dog

Now for some more photos of the baby dog...

She's the first one in the water, up the mountain and always on the look out....

She let's me put silly antlers on her.

....and deals with the 100's of photos I take.

She's a great little travel and loves to visit San Diego and San Francisco.

This dog loves the winter just as much as summer.

 Do you have a bird dog? I would love to hear your stories.

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