Thursday, January 17, 2013

Influenster Holiday VoxBox 2012 Review

Hello lovelies!

Last month I stumble across Influenster and before I knew it I was signing up. To my surprise within a week I received an email stating the Holiday VoxBox would be arriving in mailbox shortly. Ok let me back up. You're probably asking what is Influenster?   
Influenster [in-floo-uhn-ster]: noun
An exclusive online community where tastemakers and trendsetters (such as yourself) come to share the latest and greatest news, places, products, and reviews with each other. 2. The hotspot you just bookmarked on your web browser that turns your social influence into sweet rewards.
Basically, Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences. Active members of Influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotions, and swag from brands that thrive off the input (the good, the bad, and the ugly -- they just want to know what's up).
So what came in the Holiday VoxBox? 

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal ($1.79 per cup): Basically it's oatmeal in a to-go cup. I received the summer berry flavor. It tasted just alright. Will I buy these? No, I prefer steal cut oatmeal and feel $1.79 is a bit pricey when you can buy a box of 12 instant packages for $3-4.

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine ($2.49): I think it's safe to call myself a lip gloss hoarder, I have a good amount and various brands. I like this lip gloss. It's a nice texture, smells great and isn't sticky. The nude color is also very natural looking and great for daily wear. Oh you can't beat the price either! I would this buy product in other colors.

Kiss Nail Dress ($6.99): Not to be ungrateful, but the tester color/print they sent was horrible I couldn't even bring myself to wear them on my toes! Sorry.

EBOOST ($28, 20ct): I'm not an energy drinker (insert heart problem), so again I didn't test this product. I might have the hubs test it out.

Goody QuikStyle Brush ($11.99): This brush was said to cut your dry time by 30%. It didn't cut my routine down, just added another brush into the mix. However, the QuikStyle brush is a great styling tool. I've felt that my blowout lasts longer during the day now and I didn't switch up any hair products. It took me a minute to get the hang of using a half round vs round brush.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks ($2): I really enjoy facials and if I can give myself a mini one at home it's a double win. It didn't dry out my skin and left it feeling smooth and clean. Bonus - each pack covers at least two masks.

Sole Society $25 off coupon.  Here's a code for you to use with your first purchase by Jan. 31, 2013 INFLUENSTER25

Did you receive the Holiday VoxBox? What did you think? Want to join the fun leave your email below and I'll send you an invite or click on the icon on the side bar.

Please note: Influenster sent all the above mentioned products free of charge. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. i have always loved montagne jeunessee's facial masks those ones are the best! i haven't tried the one you received it. what is sole society? have you used your gift certificate for it yet? what did you buy?

    1. It's an online shoe site. I haven't purchased any shoes yet, but thinking about these moccasin style flats:

      I'll keep you posted.