Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Grand Mayan Resort, Riviera Maya

I can't believe it's been  over a month since we were in Mexico. Time flys... Last month I posted an overview of the trip and today I'm breaking down the mega resort hotel. It truly was a small community!

We stayed at The Grand Mayan, Riviera Maya located 30 minutes south of Cancun and 15 minutes north or Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The property is massive and consists of five "sub"resorts, three pools and seven restaurants. Oh and a golf course. (warning: this post contains a lot of pictures)

Here's the entrance to "our" lobby.

There were tons of thatch roofs.

We stayed in a studio in the Jungle :)

The room was nothing over the top, but perfect for the week. 

I wish my bathroom was this big at home :)

Of course we tried out the various restaurants. Havana Moon was located right on the beach. After dinner we made our way to the beach for a little dance party and moonlight stroll on the beach.

Havana Moon (restaurant, bar, beach club and cigar lounge)
Lights inside Havana Moon
Dinner one night at Freda's.
restaurant Del Lago
They even have flamingos and alligators on the property.

and then there are the amazing pools....

One pool area even had a fake beach.

and the real beach...

At the end of the beach there was this little white house for sale. I think we might need to buy it :)

Typically when I travel I'm not a mega resort type of gal. I prefer a cute little place with big flavor, but we were able to book the hotel within a month before we left and during high season.

 My over all impression/takeaway: The resort was amazing and the staff was lovely, but it was a bit more remote and we didn't experience the local culture as much as we would have liked.

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  1. My last month has been crazy, but how did I miss that you went to Riviera Maya? I LOVE IT THERE! Most beautiful place I've been to. I loved Tulum so much. The water there was unreal. Did you get down to the ruins?

    1. We had a great time. Made it to the ruins, but not Tulum. We'll definitely go back.

  2. beautiful places!!!! It's been a long time since I've been down that way!

  3. Gorgeous!! I would love to visit this place now!!

  4. Your room looks soooo nice. And what a cool idea to have a fake beach! Awesome. Though I would probably avoid it because I normally hate getting sandy ;)

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  5. What an awesome resort! Even though it was remote it looks like it was a blast! Thanks so much for linking up!!