Thursday, June 27, 2013

Off to the Beach

Beach Babe

Happy Day -- It's Friday!

It's going to be a hot one this weekend in Tahoe and I'm looking forward to spending some time cooling of in the lake.

Above pretty much sums up my beach attire. I love to mix and match my bathing suits. How fun are the seahorse bottoms?!

Tahoe isn't very big so typically I ride my bike to the beach rocking shorts and a cute tank -- just in case the girls want to stop for a bite to eat or drink. I never leave home without sunglasses or sunscreen either. Oh and I can't forget the sandals. I need to add these to my collection -- yes collection I own probably 10 pairs of sandals maybe more. You can take the girl out of so cal, but you can't take so cal out of the girl. I would live in sandals year round if I could.

In my beach bag you'll find a big bottle of water, chapstick with sunscreen, hat, book, snacks, towel and light weight hoodie -- you never know how long you'll be out.

 How are you cooling off this weekend?

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

90 Day Challenge -- Final Results

Last week was the final 90 day challenge weigh-in and the results are in! Need to catch up check out my starting weightthree, sixnine and twelve week updates.

Weight loss:
I lost another 1% of body fat since the last weigh-in and a total of 7.5% body fat over the last fourteen weeks!

The before and after photos show the hard work I've put in.

Week 1                                                      Week 14

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 140 (3/1); 137 (3/28); 138 (4/18); 139 (5/10); 132 (5/30); 132 (6/18)
BMI: 30.6% (3/1); 27.9% (3/28); 27% (4/18); 27.25% (5/10); 24.1% (5/30); 23.1 (6/18) 

I continued to follow the macro nutrient manipulation for my body type. There may have been a veggie burger, champagne and ice cream -- but all in moderation.

Over the last two weeks I continued to spin, walk and workout with a trainer during the week. On the weekends I enjoyed hiking, biking and working on the house.

I'm proud of myself for sticking with it, amazed at the results, and only want to push myself further.
 Skinny Tastes good!

Drum roll...... overall I came in third place!

Even though I didn't win the grand prize I'm still a winner -- I lost the weight. Seriously though, I won a spa package -- not bad for third place.

What's next:
Although the competition is over you can still find me hitting the gym at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday -- I'm a crazy morning person. I have not been working out with a trainer, but plan to start again in August. Now the goal is to maintain and drop another 7 lbs. I'll be back next month with a "lifestyle" maintenance update.

Have any questions? Ask away.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY Mirror Frame

We've had this full length mirror without a frame for a while. After living behind our bedroom door propped up against the wall we finally decided what to do -- build an awesome frame for it.

3 -- 6ft 1x6 or 1x4  (we used Douglas Fir) 
8 -- 1 3/4" wood screws
Liquid Nails
Polyurethane (we used tongue oil)
Iron Man Durham's/ Wood Putty
2-3 foam applicators

Step 1:
 Measure the mirror, mark your cuts and cut four pieces with 45 degree angles at each end to build the frame. We used the chop saw.

Step 2:
 Next we cut a groove to set the mirror in once the frame was complete. After checking the mirror's thickness we used the table saw to make the cuts. The blade was raised 1/4 inch above the table and  the fence was set 5/8 inch away from the blade.

Step 3:
Before assembling the frame we decided to sand each piece of wood. Using our go to sander, the orbital, we started with 120-grit and finished with 220-grit. 

Step 4:
Connect the boards -- We used a Kreg Jig to drill the pocket holes to put the frame together. Once the boards were clamped and the jig was in place, the holes were drilled and the boards were then screwed together.

Step 5:
After assembling, we flipped the frame over filled in any gaps with wood filler and let dry. Once the filler was dry we sanded the frame to remove any excess wood filler/putty.

Step 6:
You're in the home stretch! It's time to start staining. First we used a tact cloth to remove any excess dust from sanding. If you're not sure about your stain color don't forget to test the stain on a scrap piece of wood.  

For even coverage, using foam brushes, we applied the dark walnut stain with the grain. After applying each coat, let the stain set for 5-15 minutes before wiping away the excess with a dust free cloth.

Since we liked the color after one coat we let it set for about six hours before applying a coat of polyurethane.

Step 7:
After for 24 hours and once the frame was dry we attached the mirror to the inside of the little ledge using liquid nails (for glass).

Ta-da! It's our very own version of ikea's MONGSTAD mirror. Well on a smaller scale.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I Love Bloglovin’ link-up

In order to help bloggers transition away from GFC as the main way to follow blogs, Northern Belle Diaries and Postcards from Rachel have teamed up to host I Love Bloglovin'.

Before we start the party how about a quick life update -- As I mentioned last week life has been crazy busy, but crazy good. My old mac book also decided it didn't want to work anymore. It was nearly seven years old! Sunday the Mr and I took a trip to Reno, NV for a little shopping and well we purchased a new mac book pro with retina! Whoop whoop -- I'm writing this post from my new computer. This week there will be a plethora of updates from details from my final 90 day challenge weigh-in to up-cycled planters.

Now, let's get this party started!

Have an image of yourself ready so we have your pretty face to look at!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Dress by Carve Designs

I'm back after an impromptu blog break. I just needed a little time to collect my thoughts (aka life/work has be crazy busy).

I don't consider myself a "fashion blogger,"but when I find pieces I love I feel the need to share. Back in April I received the perfect summer dress from Carve Designs! If you follow me on instagram, I wore this dress to my BFF's baby shower last month. 

About Carve Designs:
Carve Designs was born of two women surfers who were tired of finding the swimsuits, dresses and apparel they loved made just for juniors. Since 2003, Carve Designs has been creating swimsuits, bikinis, board shorts, dresses and other clothing in a full range of casual, stylish, functional looks. 

 Their mission is to make clothing that fit well and look great in and out of the water. Yes, please!

The dress I picked out is perfect for summer bbqs, road trips, girl's weekends, etc. I love the subtle colors, soft material, and fit. I even rocked it with a light seafoam green cardigan to the office last Friday, knowing I didn't have any meetings.

I'm loving all their swimsuits and beach coverups right now. However, the Tamarindo top with Cardiff bottom  and the Del Rey coverup are my favorite!

Enter here, for a chance to win $1,000 from Carve Designs.

psst: There's still one day left to enter the iPad mini giveaway 

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

iPad Mini Giveaway

Winner Update: Aprile Mazey (she followed on Twitter) Congrats!

Happy Saturday!

Before I dive into working on the house, hiking a mountain, mountain biking, or enjoying the sunshine I'm here to tell you about a fun giveaway. Andrea over at Mostly Happentance just finished nursing school after two long years! Big congrats to her. To celebrate she asked 23 fellow bloggers to participate in an iPad mini giveaway. Well, who doesn't love a giveaway and I love mac, which meant I was in! Without further ado.... good luck!

Giveaway Details:
Each blogger provided 2-3 links, which were GFC/Bloglovin, Twitter, and Facebook. No instagram, pinterest, 'click on this site and favorite this'. Just plain and simple entries which equals more chances to win in a shorter amount of time.

And here is where you can enter:
{Please read the Terms and Conditions}

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

90 Day Challenge -- 12 Week Update

Last week I completed my 90 day Challenge! However, it's not over yet they extended it another two weeks for the top contenders to battle it out for the the ultimate prize -- one year free gym membership. Eye on the prize. Let's get to the update.

Weight loss:
I killed it the last three weeks and loss 2.9% of body fat which equals 4.75 pounds of fat. Crazy!! Once I dialed in my eating I was dropping pounds like crazy. I'm saving the final before and after for the last weigh-in since it's two weeks away, but I will leave you with the below photo I snapped Saturday night before the Mr and I went to Base Camp Pizza for dinner. Those are my new size 2/26 jeans!

Jeans Gap Outlet (similar) // Top Gap Outlet (similar) // Shoes Target (old) (similar
Necklace Tiffany & Co. // Watch Nixon (similar)

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 140 (3/1); 137 (3/28); 138 (4/18); 139 (5/10); 132 (5/30)

BMI: 30.6% (3/1); 27.9% (3/28); 27% (4/18); 27.25% (5/10); 24.1% (5/30)*
(*results were subtracted from the 4/18 weigh-in) 

Here's the thing -- I thought I was a healthy eater, but apparently I was going about it all wrong! Who knew?! So last month I talked about macro nutrient manipulation and applying it to your body type. Well, I followed it 98% percent of the time over the last three weeks and guess what -- it worked. I dropped five pounds in the first week and a total of seven pounds (on the scale) in three weeks. Those are big number for someone my size. And yes I was eating the entire time.

The trainers also changed/cut my workouts back, because they thought I might have been over training. So I switched out two days of weights with cardio and starting shedding the pounds. Here's my current workout routine:
3 days -- 60 minutes walking/treadmill at a 3.5 pace on a 2-4 incline
2 days -- 60 minute spin class
2 days -- bio fit resistance training (think cross-fit)

I look and feel great. There's nothing better than asking for a smaller size or your clothes fitting better or too big. When  the Challenge is over I might just  have to set a new goal for myself -- I'll still have a few more vanity pounds to lose. Oh -- guess who's in second place -- ME!

psst...want to read more about my weight loss? Check out my starting weight, three six and nine week updates.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sailing on Lake Tahoe

 Summer is officially here and we kicked it off Sunday afternoon by sailing around Lake Tahoe on the Woodwind II. Oh  -- we had a surprise visitor this weekend too -- Nick's aunt Lori from Minnesota is in California! 

The Woodwind II is a catamaran (twin-hulled) sailboat and has the only female captain on Lake Tahoe behind the helm. The excursion was about an hour and 45 minutes. We relaxed on the deck soaked in the sun, fresh air and well a few rum runners.


There was just the right amount of wind to put the sails up.

We stayed mostly on the front portion on the boat and the bartender even came to us :)

Of course we couldn't pass up a group photo.

If you find yourself in Lake Tahoe you must get out on the lake and I would highly recommend the Woodwind II. They offer various day and sightseeing cruises plus prices are pretty reasonable. For an afternoon cruise we paid $39, but the Sunset Champagne cruise is $51 and includes beer, wine and champagne. The sunset cruise is perfect for date-night, birthday celebrations or a relaxing bachelorette evening.  We'll definitely be cruising in the future.

Departs from Zephyr Cove

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