Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yeah, that just happen...

So have you ever lost your car in a parking lot or walked up to a car that you swore was yours and couldn't understand why it wouldn't unlock? How about getting into a car that you thought was yours only to realize the jacket on the passenger seat didn't belong to you? Well, it just happened to me!

Yesterday after my 6 a.m. spin class (yes you read that correctly) I walked out of the gym and made a beeline to what I thought was my white Rav4. I hit the alarm, heard the beep, and proceeded to climb in. Once inside the toasty car I noticed a black jacket on the passenger seat. My first reaction was I don't recall that being there. Then I realized that's because it wasn't my jacket or my car! Oops! (Blonde moment #789). I immediately jumped out and made my way to my car, which was only two cars over. Either the person had an automatic starter or forgot to lock their car. Funny thing is I've walked up to the same car before thinking it was mine! Zombie gym problems.

Since it happen at the gym here's a little fitness motivation for you!



  1. haha thats funny!

    I trying to get in the am habit! but havent made it yet! lol

    1. You'll get there! There are mornings when I tell myself that it's OK to sleep in, but force myself to get up and to the gym. After a hard workout I'm always thankful I didn't sleep in.