Thursday, July 24, 2014

First Trimester Favorites

First Trimester Favorites

This my be a shock to some of you, but I bought bread for the first time in a year! Hey, the baby wants what the baby wants. Clearly this baby wants more carbs. Smoothies and salads just weren't cutting it and I was constantly hungry. Once I started eating heartier meals my tummy wasn't rumbling for food. Really all it took was a piece of toast with my smoothie or a sandwich instead of a salad at lunch.

2. Water Bottle
Obvious I'm drinking water like it's going out of style. The Hydro Flask is my go-to water bottle and it will keep my water nice and cold all day. Let's be honest though I fill it up almost hourly!

3. Prenatal Vitamins
We have to keep this baby healthy! After researching prenatal vitamins I decided on Rainbow Light Prenatal One. They are a bit on the large side, but I only have to take them once a day. I didn't start taking prenatal vitamins until we found out I was pregant. My body adjusted to the vitamins nicely. I never once felt sick after taking them -- with or without food.

4. Vitamin D
After my first set of lab work came back my doctor informed me I was deficient in vitamin D and said to start taking 2,000 IU's a day. Of course I was surprised because I do spent a lot of time in the sun, but doctor's orders. The same day I quickly researched vitamin D and decided to try Nutrigold Vitamin D3
In the beginning I found myself using lip balm more often. I'm in love with Maybelline Baby Lips. Right now peppermint has been my favorite -- it's so soothing.

6. Wide Band Shorts
It's been so hot in Tahoe and I've noticed I'm grabbing shorts to workout in more often. The North Face Eat My Dust shorts are in heavy rotation. The band is nice and forgiving, the material is light-weight, plus they're cute.

7. Bubbles
It's summer and I miss having a glass of wine, cold beer or cocktail. My new drink of choice is San Pellegrino with a slice of lemon, lime or orange. Strawberries aren't bad either. It's not the same, but it's light, refreshing and does the job. 

8. Pregnancy App
I have two, but I mainly use app. I use it mostly to make weekly notes, upload a weekly photo and learn about the week-by-week stages. 

So there you have it a few things I've loved during my first Trimester. 
There are so many items out there for expecting moms, but I would love to hear what I should buy and what I should pass on for the months to come. Fire away!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE posts like this... when I am preggers some day I will be depending on bloggy friends like you to remember this kind of stuff!!