Friday, December 26, 2014

Bump Update // 35 Weeks

How far along
35 weeks today -- five weeks to go! Whoa, I can't believe it.

Baby's size: 
She's the size of an coconut and measuring 4.25lbs as of last week! She might be a tad on the small side, but she's getting bigger day by day! Since she's about a week behind in growth we have an appointment for another measurement in two weeks to make sure she growing.

Weight gain:
As of Wednesday's doctor's appointment I'm still only up 15 lbs. I'm really happy about my progress. All belly!

Food cravings: 
It's not so much a craving, but more like it's just the holidays. Let's say I've been eating whatever I want for the last month. HA! Whole 30 starts January 5th!

Still sleeping great! I'm one lucky girl. At least a solid 8 hours a night. I actually switch from sleeping on my back to my left side throughout the night. No special pillow required just 1-2 regular pillows.

Team Pink {reveal}

TONS! She really likes to kick me in the ribs. She also started doing rolls on me the other day while I was walking the dog! I have a feeling we are going to have a very active child.

Best moment this week: 
Seeing her during our 35 week appointment. Another high note was learning that we'll be able to deliver in Tahoe. Last week we visited the specialist in Reno, NV and they have no problem it. Worse case is we take a seven minute helicopter ride.

Also getting pedis with two of my other preggo friends and of course Christmas!

Miss anything? 
Just feeling normal.

Not much. A few sharp pains here and there and sore hips (probably from carrying around another 15 lbs).

Still maintaining. I posted about my favorite pregnancy workout gear on Monday. It's official -- I'm taking a break from the box/crossfit until after the baby. I have to modify too much. Now, I actually make up my own WOD at the gym.

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, for the most part. My co-workers and husband are going to get tried of my attire really quick. I picked up this and this non-maternity top and love them. They will definitely will work over the next five weeks and beyond

Relieved about being able to have the baby in Tahoe and not needing to drive over an hour! Anxious about the baby room. I think my dog is picking up on it too. She tore open two Christmas gifts, two Christmas cards and a number paper items. This is not like her and trust me she is not being neglected.
Looking forward to: 
Relaxing next month. Well, at least trying too.


  1. Gorgeous as usual. Soon enough your sweet little girl will make her arrival. What an exciting and remarkable time that will be <3