Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fit Pregnancy // The Last 20 Weeks

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Before I was pregnant I worked my butt off to get into and stay in shape. Once learning I was pregnant I didn't stop working out, but I did slowly start to tailor back as weeks and months passed by. Basically I listened to my body and researched how to modify certain moves (specifically for crossfit).  Let's just say the first 20 weeks were much easier than the last.

Technically I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, but it's safe to say I'll be at the GYM slowly spinning, walking or even lifting a few weights until I deliver. Oh and this preggo will definitely still bust out a few burpees (sans the push up part). So lets break it down.

20-30 Weeks:
I was still hitting the gym hard. I probably logged 7-8 workouts a week between crossfit, spin, treadmill circuits and HIIT classes. Not to mention walking the dog a few days a week.

At 27 weeks preggo I increased my score by three over six weeks!

gap top (similar, similar)

Around 30 weeks we headed to San Diego for baby m's first shower and Thanksgiving. Instead of dropping in at a gym/box I took my workouts outside and opted to walk or hike for an hour plus everyday. Yes, there are trails in San Diego. The weather was gorgeous. I'm talking 75/80 degrees everyday.

gap top (similar, similar) // leggings

31-36 Weeks:
After Thanksgiving I really cutback. I noticed I had to modify too much at crossfit on top of not pushing myself too hard. It was mentally hard. I found it best if I just stuck to going to the local gym. Seven workouts were quickly cut back to five a week. However, now I was spending 1-2 hours a morning working out which included spin, treadmill circuits, circuit training and HIIT classes. Around 36 weeks I noticed I was moving a bit slower so I started focusing even more on form than I had before.

Over just 10 weeks my little bump grew a ton. 24 vs 34 weeks! I hope to take a similar photo at 40 weeks.

gap top (similar, similar)

Christmas and New Years workouts were spent outside. Since there was snow on the ground and our walks were flat I opted for Sorel boots (similar) for extra warmth. Me at 35 weeks.

Leggings // fleece // beanie // top // gloves

37-40 Weeks:
Ah, the home stretch. technically I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, but I'm 100% sure I'll be working out until I deliver. Per my OB's recommendation, I ordered a support band for the last few weeks and my Bao Bei Maternity belly sports bra should arrive today! At this point I'm consist with five workouts a week. I'm slow moving, but I'm moving. I've noticed soreness in my hips, but hey I'm carrying around extra weight!

The bump is bumpin. This was Wednesday after finishing a HIIT class. 37/38ish weeks and only up 17 pounds. Neither the top or pants are maternity.

top (I'm wearing a small) // leggings

Thanks for following along on my fit pregnancy journey. I am feel very thankful and fortunate to have been able to maintain a workout routine. Don't worry It's not going to stop here. I'll be back postpartum talking about body after baby.

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Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, health care provider, certifies trainer, dietitian or nutritionist. I'm just a fitness junkie who was able to workout her entire pregnancy with the sign off of a doctor. Please note, if you're pregnant you should always discuss your fitness routine with your OB.

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  1. You are doing amazing!! I'm 38+3 today and, though still going to crossfit just a couple times a week, I'm definitely taking it much easier and slower, and doing what I can as I can. I surprised myself today with a 15lb PR on my push jerk so I am PUMPED about that. I'm hoping that staying so active throughout the pregnancy will help me power through labor :) Thinking of you in our final weeks!!

    1. Thanks! Nicely done keeping up with crossfit and the PR! I think working out will definitely help us during labor and post!