Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Fitness Apps to Start Using Today

Happy Friday party people!

I love Friday's because my husband is off! He works four 10's -- lucky him. Before having a baby and while pregnant I had a pretty intense workout regimen. Then the baby came and all I could do was walk. Not wanting to lose my drive or routine I looked for other avenues to not only motivate myself, but stay on track.

Pact -- Get paid to workout, eat vegetables and log daily meals. You pick your weekly commitment, meet your goals and get paid. Here's the catch if don't meet your goals you have to pay up! I've only been using this ap for a few weeks and have already made $5.

MyFitnessPal -- Log your meals, snacks, water and workouts. I'm home all day which leads to snacking. Logging my daily intake helps me not over indulge.

Run Keeper -- Log your miles, splits  and progress. Since I could only walk the first five weeks postpartum I tracked all my walks via RunKeeper to see how far I was walking. I slowly worked up to four miles. Baby wearing is key because you're going to burn extra calories.

Evolve Fitness -- Workout anywhere anytime. As a ambassador for FitFluential I had a chance to test out the Evolve Fitness app. You pick how many days a week you want to workout, the trainer, intensity level and they create a workout schedule for you. All for only $7.99 a month!

DailyBurn -- Workout anywhere anytime. Plus my favorite Biggest loser coach, Bob Harper, is now a spokesperson and how can you not want to workout with him! Even if it's just through your TV/computer screen.

What fitness apps are you using to stay on track?

P.S.  I'm sharing 5 tips to Maintaining your Fitness throughout Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond  on Fit Mama 4 life today. Head over, say hi and show her some love.

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  1. I haven't heard of Pact or Evolve Fitness, but they both sound like they'd be a good kick-in-the-butt for starting up/maintaining a healthy lifestyle! :]