Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kitchen Remodel 2015 // Planning

WOW, we're moving fast! Since my little announcement on Monday a lot has happen. I'm talking cabinets removed, beam ordered, temp wall up, footings being dug... oh the list goes on. Before I get ahead of myself I really should talk at the plan. 

You're now looking at our new kitchen if you were standing in the living room! This is a major reno that includes removing a 24 foot wall that currently separates the kitchen and living room.

When we hired our new contractor I thought I would have a few weeks to pick out finishings, but nope. He's squeezing us in so things started the next day! You know what that means I have a lot of decisions to make. Now I've been thinking about it for months so I have a pretty clear idea. However I still will second guess myself. I know I want modern, but I'm traditional. So how do you create a transitional space? Losing sleep over here from the kitchen not the baby! 

This is what's I'm thinking.


Decisions, decisions. Here's my long check list.

+ pick out cabinet doors from semi hand made (we're using ikea boxes, etc.) and order doors
+ pick out/order countertops
+ pick out/order flooring
+ buy faucet
+ buy sink
+ pick out/ buy new ceiling fan -- the hubby really wants one so I'm looking for a super modern fan. Any suggestions are welcome. This was definitely a compromise on my part.
+ order new stainless steel dishwasher and microwave (we already have a stainless fridge and stove)
+  pick out paint color for living room and kitchen
+  pick out accent wall paint color
+ pick out/buy backsplash material
+ buy pendant lights for above island
+ buy barn door and hardware
+ buy hardware for cabinets 
+ buy slate for entryway/mudroom
+ pick out/buy new front door
+ purchase cans for recessed lighting in the hallway

+ new couch
+ coffee table/ Ottoman 
+ tv mount  
+ rug for living room
+ rug for kitchen under dining table
+ barstools
+ bookshelves
+ order window shades for the kitchen
+ new curtains in the living room
+ spruce up the paint on the fireplace

WOW... I'm stressed just writing it all out! To be continued....


  1. OMG SO EXCITING! I loveeeee kitchens!! :) :) :) My sister is going to be re-doing hers as well, I should send her you plan of action!

  2. If you like that wall color, try Cargo Pants by Sherwin Williams. I saw it in a designer kitchen showhouse and it was seamless to an open living and dining room. Fabulous neutral/light green/tan. Sounds pretty awkward but it was very memorable.

  3. i love the inspiration photo! gorgeous. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Plans are looking great! I'm enjoying the progress posts on instagram. Ugg ceiling fans, I feel your pain! We use these Haiku fans often in jobs. They are pricey, but you can probably find some good imitations. If you can find one with out a light, or a simpler style light, I think that helps keep them from looking so dated.