Thursday, June 25, 2015

Saving Money with Solar

Our Kitchen/ living room remodel is almost done! The scope of work ended up being much bigger than we originally planned, but it's getting done so I couldn't be happier! However, now more than ever we're looking at additional ways to save our pennies. We're not big fans of debt, but then who is. 

Common ways to save money would be canceling cable (which we did 18 months ago), not eating out or online shopping (which I'm notorious for). I guess i could cancel my gym memberships (yes I have two), but lets be honest that's not going to happen! Those are all simple ways to cut costs. However, how do you go about lowering other costs like your electric bill without being the light nazi or living in the dark?

After some reserch we found one of the easiest ways to save money at home is going go solar. When you go solar with Sunrun you'll start saving on your electricity bill immediately. Electricity from Sunrun is more affordable than electricity from your utility. Sunrun customers save an average of 20% on their electricity costs.* *Actual savings will vary. Click here for details. 

You can spend your savings on your retirement, debt, a new outfit, or a dream vacation. Obviously you know where I'm spending my savings! My kitchen remodel.

Check out the video below for the Sunrun low down.

What would they look like on your roof?

Misconceptions About Solar Power
  • "Solar is expensive and has a high upfront cost." Reality: With Sunrun solar leasing, homeowners can get solar on their roof for as little as $0 down and start saving on their monthly electricity costs immediately.
  • "Solar is complicated and out of reach." Reality: Solar service providers like Sunrun take care of all of the details of going solar, from designing the system, installing it on your roof, 
  • monitoring the system's production, and maintaining the system throughout the lifetime of the solar service agreement.
  • "Solar energy is more expensive than the electricity my utility provides."Reality: If Sunrun doesn't think they can save you money, they won't sell you a system
Whew! Are you still with me?  There you have it Sunrun solar is a win-win; good for your wallet, and good for the planet.

Sunrun is giving away a Nest thermostat on their Facebook page! Click here to enter. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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