Thursday, August 27, 2015

Emerson Quinn // Seven Months

Height + Weight | Well, girlfriend finally had her 6 month well baby last week! She was 17lbs 8oz and 27 inches! I'm thinking she's going to be taller than her mama. Which isn't hard to do -- HA!

Health | Other than a snotty nose and slight fever from her 6 month shots mixed with teething she's A-OK. Therapy is going well. Right now she can get to all fours on her own and we're starting to teach her how to crawl. Watch out now.

Sleep | Emerson is an early riser like her parents and typically wants to start her day at 6:30 a.m.! We can work with that since these days she goes to bed between 7:30 & 8 p.m. She still takes two solid naps during the day too. On a side note -- this month was a little rough as she was waking up once in th middle of the night due to teething. However, once we start giving her teething tablets she was back to sleeping through the night. YAY! We're still rocking the white noise at night too.

Eat | This one doesn't miss a meal and has loved everything we've given her. I make 99% of her food.   We have pouches for when we're out and about. This past month I start weaning her off breast milk. Right now she drinks 4 bottles a day -- 25% breast milk and 75% formula. She loves the Honest formula and trust  me we tried a few brands and this is what ended up working for us.

Regarding solids so far she's tried: sweet potatoes, peaches, apples, broccoli, carrots, rice cereal, spinach, green beans, avocado, banana, scrambled eggs, mango and just a taste of yogurt.

Wear | My little chunky monkey is in size 9-12 months depending on the brand.

Social | This month we've stayed busy walking, hiking and visiting with friends. Emerson went the beach with her boyfriend Waytt and was showing her moves at the concert in the park a few weekends ago. She has crazy moves.

Baby Gear | Help me now, babies/kids have a lot of stuff! Emerson is still loving her jumperoo. We also graduated her to the Ergo full-time for baby wearing. With hardwood floors in our near future I purchased a skip hop play mat -- and well I love it!

Milestones | This is always hard since I'm with her everyday. Things just seem normal.
+ Four more teeth on the top, makes five teeth total!
+ Can now hold her bottle on her own to eat. Yup, self service.
+ Can get on all fours all on her own.
+ Reaches from the sitting position for toys and brings them back to her to play. All without falling over.
+ More and more solids.
+ Rolling machine
+ Had her first fever after her 6 month shots.
+ Went to her first concert on the beach and at a park! She has moves.

Postpartum | Life is great! I'm lifting and running more and more everyday. Over the last month I started to see a Chiropractor -- this was a fitness game changer. I was so out of alignment from a combo of things, but I'm feeling great. Because I'm such a fitness junkie and want to help others achieve their fit goals I joined Beach Body. Yes, I'm a "fitness coach." My first challenge starts September 7  (FYI deadline to join is September 1). If you want in email me at tiarawasner {at} gmail {dot} com or purchase either the piyo or 21 day fix HERE. It's not about losing weight, it's about making a lifestyle change and I'm ready to inspire and help you along the way.

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  1. she is adorable!! i need to look into those teething tablets, Vi has been waking up a LOT at night lately. I think she might be teething although no teeth yet. xo jillian - cornflake dreams