Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baby // Teething Essentials

Teething Essentials
Someone is working on tooth number six! Yup, that's right six teeth at seven months!

With that said, we've had a few rough nights, but nothing crazy. Last night Emerson slept 11 straight hours! Usually we get 8ish hours. Anyway back to teething. Around four months I noticed her first tooth on the bottom. I thought she might have been teething, due to all the drool (the bib comes in handy here), but I never saw or felt anything.

Let's fast forward to the top teeth because that's really when she wasn't a happy camper. We knew something was up when she couldn't keep her hands out her mouth, was a tad fussier at times, and started waking up in the middle of the night! This is when I broke out our teething arsenal. Sophie had been in the mix for awhile, but we introduced teething wafers, nibblers for frozen fruit, freezable gel rings, and lastly night teething tablets.

Most things help soothe and entertain her during the day, but it was the teething tablets that helped the most. They soothed her little gums so she was able to sleep straight through the night. I highly recommend buying these and no I wasn't paid to say that.

What would you recommend a new mom with a teething baby? What about the dreaded molars?

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  1. wowzahhh six teeth!? thats awesome. vi still hasnt had any come through but she is drooling like crazy so i know it's only a matter of time. xo jillian - cornflake dreams