Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Calorie Accounting + Watermelon Faux-Jito

I don't know where to start....

It's wednesday night I just got home from crossfit [yup, I drink the kool-aid at least 4 times a week]. I'm tired and starving. After staring at my basically empty fridge, I turned to my breakfast for dinner staple -- sweet potato hash, fried egg and avocado. I can't help but think how I really need to start meal planning, again. This would also make my husband happy.

Before I know it I'm pulling out various cookbooks and making a plan for next week. Then it dawned on me -- I need to tell my peeps [you] about a funny, creative, and no apologies in your face weight-loss book, Calorie Accounting: The Foolproof Diet-By-Numbers Plan For a Skinner New You [c/o]. 

I've been sitting on this post for a few weeks now, because I wasn't sure how to sum up this book, I hate counting calories and I don't believe in "diets." Although, I do follow a Paleo diet 90% of the time. Hey it's what works for me.

Mandy's book isn't a fade diet. It's about learning how to eat the foods you love while maintaining or achieving a weight you love too. Oh and there's a whole chapter about poop -- if you're into poop jokes. 

About Calorie Accounting: Calorie Accounting is a tried-and-true diet plan, developed, followed, and documented by Mandy Levy, your author and sarcastic best friend. Her been-there-done-that words and pictures will inspire, mentor, and guide you through your own weight-loss success story with step-by-step instructions and extended metaphors for: Checks and balances, Shopping, Shakin’ that moneymaker, Recipes (for disaster) and more!

My takeaway
+ Mandy put herself out there. Yup, there's a before and after photo in the book and you know how much I love before and after photos. Fist bump, Mandy.
+ There really isn't a science to losing weight. It's easy -- calories in vs. calories out. People if you didn't know losing and maintaining weight starts in the kitchen. You CAN'T out exercise a bad diet. 
+ It isn't about the latest fade diet. 
+ Not great at math? Don't sweat it. Mandy breaks it down in Calorieconomics 101. (i.e., 3,500 calories = 1 pound) Basically, if you want to lose 1 pound a week you need to cut your weekly intake down by 3,500 calories. Simple right?
+ Being fat sucks and Mandy doesn't sugar coat anything...unless it's blueberries covered in Stevia (aka, Blueberry Soup). 
+ The book has all the tools you need to lose weight. It just comes down to you following her guidelines.
+ Although, I tend to disagree pre-packaged foods are your friend. 

Calorie Accounting is perfect for the gal (or guy) with a witty sense of humor looking to lose a few lbs. If you're overweight and overly sensitive then this isn't the book for you, sorry. For the average american looking to make a lifestyle change Mandy's book will help you achieve it. She's not telling you to  deprive yourself of anything. She's teaching you how to give your body the right amount of fuel. 

For a sneak peak of the book click HERE. Bite the bullet and click HERE to buy the book. 

Of course, I can't part without sharing one of Mandy's recipes...

Watermelon Faux-Jito 
Serves 2

2 cups watermelon, pureed
1 can Fresco
1/4 cup fresh mint

Take 2 cups cubed watermelon and throw into blender. Puree until smooth. Fill 2 tall, summery glasses with ice. Distribute watermelon juice equally into glasses. Top off with delicious Fresca. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf. Enjoy! 51 Calories (per glass)

About the Author: Mandy Levy is an Emmy-winning writer, comedian, and karaoke enthusiast. She’s gotten occasionally fat due to her love of cheese and parties, so she developed Calorie Accounting as an attempt to achieve and maintain a bangin’ bod once and for all.
Using the best practices from countless dieting efforts over the last fifteen years, something finally clicked, and she’s here to share her riches with the world.


  1. Oooh that watermelon faux-jito sounds super refreshing! Mojitos are one of my favorite drinks- I love mint!

    1. Me too! This is a get way to have one without all the calories ;)