Monday, September 28, 2015

Emerson Quinn // Eight Months

Height + Weight | At this point we really have no clue, but she's definitely over 20 lbs!

Health | Healthy as an ox. She's hitting all of her millstones and the physical therapist is extremely happy with her progression. High five Emerson!

Sleep | Overall we have a great little sleeper. She typically sleeps 10-12 hours straight. Every few nights we'll have a 2 or 3 a.m. wake up call, but after a diaper change and small bottle she's right back to sleep. Typically we put her down for the night at 7:30 p.m. and she's up for the day about 7 a.m. give or take.

Eat | Anything and everything! She's on 100% formula now (no judgement, thank you). We use Honest formula and she seems to love it. Emerson also continues to love solid foods. We make 95% of her food. When we're out and about she'll have food pouches or teething biscuits.

New foods this month: Plums, blueberries, eggplant, parsnips, kale, nectarines and apricot

Wear | My little chunky monkey is in size 9-12 months depending on the brand.

Social | Lots of time with family and friends in San Diego, concert in the park, beach days, and stroller workouts/hikes with friends.

Baby Gear | Well, I think she's officially over the jumper. We're loving our Bob Stroller, Ergo carrier, Pottery Barn Kids | My First Anywhere Chair and Baby Breeza among a handful of toys and teethers.

Milestones | 

+ We have a CRAWLER!! She started crawling right after she hit seven months.

+  We also have a baby that would prefer to stand. Although, we always knew this. Miss thing has been pulling herself up on everything and standing more and more.

+ First road trip to San Diego.

+ Dipped her toes in the Pacific Ocean.

+ A little babbling machine -- not that she didn't talk before.

+ She's trying her hardest to blow.

+ Started clapping. This took awhile but we got there.

+ Started eating baby cereal.

+ Lots of time with family and friends in San Diego.

+ Tooth number 7!

+ Acts like she wants to walk. Trying to cruz a long the coffee table.

Postpartum | I'm going to say it -- I feel awesome! I'm getting stronger everyday. I'm working out 6 days a week and some are double days. I was always a morning workout person, but now I work out when I can whether it's 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. Workouts consist of PiYo, Spin, Crossfit and walking (running when I can). It's time to really start focusing on my core though.

I started seeing a chiropractor back in August and it's helped out 10 fold.

In other news if you didn't know -- I'm a "fitness coach." My third challenge starts Monday, November 2. If you want in email me at tiarawasner {at} gmail {dot} com or purchase either the piyo or 21 day fix HERE. It's not about losing weight, it's about making a lifestyle change and I'm ready to inspire and help you along the way. Let me be your "cheerleader."

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  1. Eight months, wow!!!! So big! Yay for a crawler!!!

    1. Time is flying I just hope we have our floors installed before she starts walking!

  2. We are on formula, judgement here! I always love the stares when I make her a bottle in public...gotta love people!! I LOVE that picture of her and her scrunched up nose!! She keeps getting cuter and cuter!!

    1. People kill me. Thanks! The nose is what I get these days it's pretty funny.

  3. How was your road trip to San Diego? We are driving down in 2 weeks are I am just dreading the drive!

    1. Honestly, not bad at all. We left at four in the morning [both directions] so she would sleep most of the drive -- and she did! We stopped twice for gas, diaper change, etc.

      The bottle made it easy to feed on-the-go.

      I would rather fly [especially if it's just me and the babe], but when you have the whole family plus a dog driving isn't too bad. Good luck!

  4. Healthy girl! Great job mama. We love our BOB stroller too. I've been trying to attend Stroller Strides workout classes, so it's perfect for that... and easy hikes of course. :-) I'm hoping to get a PBK anywhere chair for Chase. Our little guy is becoming a better sleeper, but gosh I don't think he slept 10-12 hrs consistently until closer to a year! Yikes.