Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Body After Baby [ #1]

After much debate, I've decided to share my 'body after baby.' This post isn't meant to gain praise. It's meant to inspire. I'm a just a regular gal, with real struggles. If this post inspires one person then it's served its purpose. 

It's been eight months since Emerson was born! Since then I've posted a few 'body after baby' photos on instagram, but it's time to share my journey and the dirty truth.

This is a very sensitive subject for many and I'm not any different. The struggle is real. First, I must say, it's truly amazing what our bodies can do. No pregnancy, delivery or recovery is alike. With that said, please keep in mind what works for one may not work for another. This is my story, my journey.

If you followed my pregnancy then you know I stayed very active up until the day I delivered. I'm not kidding, I went to a spin class the day before I delivered. You can read more about my pregnancy workouts here and here

After, delivery I was a hot mess. Not only did I look, but I felt like I was hit by a truck -- twice. My face was swollen, I had burst blood vessels under both eyes, and red dots all over my face from pushing for nearly three hours! Not to mention stitches. Oh, vey!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the luxury of going home. Instead I had to drive two hours to be with Emerson who had been transported to the NICU at UC Davis Medical Center. There were a lot of things going on during my first week postpartum. The first few days I felt bloated, sore and tired. Here's what I looked like two days postpartum.

During that first week, instead of being home with my feet up I took a long hot shower [in a hotel] and walked over to the hospital to be with Emerson. I didn't have time to relax between talking to numerous doctors, figuring out how to pump, and staying positive for my girl. However, I did get really good at pumping. I couldn't even tell you what or when I ate. 

Once settled in at home I started using the belly bandit [a few hours everyday for 3 weeks], eating healthy and walking daily. There was just a slight problem, I couldn't keep up in the milk department. My clothes fit, but I felt soft and squishy. Wanting to bounce back I really focused on my diet, but I was having a hard time producing milk. Ugh.

I tried everything to increase my milk supply. At around four weeks postpartum I started eating anything and everything I could. Once I started eating more my milk supply increased. More calories = more milk. I really started to take advantage of the extra breastfeeding calories. However, my body changed. At this point I still wasn't cleared for full activity so I was only walking. Although I was shrinking in size, I slowly started to see my muscles fade. I became frustrated.

Well, it was all in my mind! At five weeks I hit the gym and boy did it feel great. It was definitely slow going, but it was nice to break a real sweat. Once cleared for full activity I started logging 5-6 workouts a week. These workouts included spin, HIIT, PIYO, walking and abs. Around 12 weeks postpartum I started adding Crossfit WOD's a few days a week. Today I crossfit 5 days, spin two days, walk the dog and mix in PiYo a few days a week. Every day I'm getting stronger and stronger.

Final Pregnancy Stats
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150lbs (Only up 18 lbs)

Postpartum Stats
Height: 5'4" (nope didn't grow)
Weight: 130 lbs (3 weeks PP); 131 lbs (5 weeks PP); 130 lbs (7 weeks PP); 131 lbs (8 months)

Because I love a good before and after shot here's me at 39 weeks and 2 weeks postpartum.
Every week I saw small changes in my body.

The Dirty Truth
Yes, I dropped all the weight and then some in the first three weeks. Heck,  I was lower than my pre-pregnancy weight, but soft and squishy. I might have "bounced" back, but my body isn't what it was. It takes time and hard work. Today I'm strong, but there's still things I need to work on, like core. Slow and steady wins the race and prevents injury.

How did I bounce back so quickly? 
Honestly, good old fashion diet and exercise. I worked my butt off while I was pregnant and it paid off big time. I also was in great shape prior to getting pregnant. Don't get me wrong I'm not prefect I did indulge here and there. 

Why is this important to me? 
While some may not agree with me that's ok. Being fit is important to me.  I want to be the best version of me I can be and that includes how I look. My workouts are my "me" time. I'm also creating good habits for my family and I'm pretty sure my husband isn't complaining about it. Although, I know he would love me at any size.

Where am I today?
Every week I'm making fitness gains. Emerson is healthy and I was able to breastfeed her until she was 6 months old. My diet is decent, but could always be better. My goal, over the next few months, is to maintain workouts while eating clean 90% of the time.

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  1. awesome job!!! Congrats, you look great.

  2. Look amazing!!! I do not have kids yet... one day hope i bounce back like that.

  3. You look AMAZING, T! Way to go, Mama. So inspiring, and definitely encouraging to see how fitness and wellness can be done well before, during, and after pregnancy...but also so neat to hear the realities of pregnancy body. ;) Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! It's amazing what our bodies are truly capable of. Now it's all about setting healthy habits for my little girl. :)

  4. You look great, lady! I think you should celebrate your body and how well you have done getting back to where you feel happy. You deserve to be praised, you've worked hard and should be able to look back on your progress. KUDOS!

  5. You look incredible!!! I don't have kids, but goodness, you look like you had an extremely healthy pregnancy.

    1. Thanks Julia! Yes, I was very fortunate to have had a very healthy and active pregnancy.