Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Gift Guide for Him

I must admit I haven't started any of my Christmas shopping! I know, I know. Plus, I don't have a clue what I'm going to get the hubby! Recently while browsing, I came up with a few ideas. While I'm sure he would love a few, I'm not so sure about a few. Either way here are a few ideas that will hopefully help you find the perfect gift for the guy in your life.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? What are you getting your main man? I would love some ideas/suggestions!

Holiday Gift Guide for him

1. Patagonia Fleece Hoody [$199] - Living in the mountains you can never have to  many jackets. Actually this fleece is perfect from the beach to the mountains.

2. GoPro HERO4 Silver [$399] - Of course, this is an awesome gift for any guy. Especially the thrill seeker or maybe new dad.

3. Roo Hammock [$99] - Sometimes you just want to chill in the back yard or on a mountain top. Why not do it in style.

4. SOREL Slipper [$74.95] - We love SOREL boots and their slippers are just as fantastic. Every few years the hubby needs a new pair and this is favorite style.

5. Sunnto Traverse Watch [$500] - For the active made in your life. While it's a big splurge if he's into watches, fitness, trekking, etc. he'll love it. If the hubby was a watch guy I would have bought this for him years ago.

6. Taylor Made Driver [$199] - My hubby loves golfing so

7. Matador Droplet Wet Bag [$14.99] or Pocket Blanket [$29.99] - The perfect stocking stuffers. Not only are they functional, but they're both under $30. I'm tempted to buy the pocket blanket for myself to keep in my car! Look how small that bad boy packs down!

8. iPad Pro [$799] - We manage with just one computer at home, but sometimes it would be nice to have two. Instead of shelling out $$$ for another MAC BookPro or desktop a iPad 4 or Pro would be perfect. [This would also make a great joint gift]

9. Thule Sappling Carrier [$279] - I know it's barely winter, but I can' wait to go on adventures with Emerson next summer. I think her daddy or really any adventure seeking dad needs a backpack carrier.

10. Ryobi Cordless tools [varies] - My hubby is pretty handy so tools always make a great gift.


  1. If your husband drinks, I'd suggest whiskey rocks. My husband LOVES the set I bought him a few years ago.

  2. great ideas! i need to get some slippers for H. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. Nick loves his Sorel slippers and they're a bit less than UGGs.

  3. oh man, thanks for the reminder! I'm supposed to be researching deals on drills.... whew. SAVED.