Thursday, December 3, 2015

Shopping Guide | H&M for Baby + Toddler

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you, but this week kicked my butt. Maybe it was the holiday break, or maybe I'm just that busy. Either way the weekend is here and I feel like popping the bubbly.

Emerson has a closet full of clothes, but I'm always on the hunt for the next size. Hello, this mama wants to snag cute clothes at the best price! Before Thanksgiving my mini and me went shopping at the Meadowood Mall in Reno to pick up a few things -- like her first pair of real shoes! We also ventured into H&M with a baby, toddler & kids section! Of course we didn't leave without a few staples for Emerson. Because I really like you, I rounded up a few of our favorite pieces.

Happy shopping!

H&M for Baby + Toddler

$7.99 - Color blocked hat [available in pink & gray]
$4.99 - Top Knot Jersey Hat [available in polka dot, marble and white]

$14.99 - Floral Sweatshirt Dress
$17.99 - Dotted bodysuit [available in pink & gray]
$19.99 - Fine-knit Dress [available in coral]
$19.99 - Lyocell Dress [denim]
$24.99 - Striped Fine-knit Bodysuit [available in pink & gray]
$24.99 - Sweatshirt Jumpsuit [available in gray/tan]
$34.99 - Quilted Bodysuit [available in natural white]

$17.99 - Fine-knit Wool Top [available in pink & dark gray]
$12.99 - 2-pack Ribbed Tops [available in pink hearts & gray]
$5.99-$12.99 - Jersey Tops [available printed, plain & with ruffles]

$6.99 - $7.99 [B2G1] - Joggers [Printed and solid]
$17.99 - Fine-knit Wool Leggings [available in pink & dark gray]
$17.99 - Knit Pants [available in pink & gray]
$19.99 - 3-pack leggings [gray, pink, and cream]

$14.99 [on sale] - Jacquard-knit Cardigan [available in printed gray]
$17.99 - Textured Cotton Cardigan [available in white & taupe]
$24.99 - Fine-knit Hooded Jacket [available in mustard yellow]
$29.99 - Hooded Jacket [available in pink & green]
$34.99 - Padded Jacket [available in purple & black]
$34.99 - Padded Jacket [available in white/purple dots and blue/white stars]

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  1. Omg... this board has me weak in the knees! That pink spotted onsie is too cute!