Monday, April 18, 2016

Fun with The First Years Disney Bath Toys

In our house Emerson is straight up excited for life. I've never seen a child run to the bathroom the moment she hears the water running, like she does, even if it's not bathtime. Yes, the kid loves water THAT much. I can't wait for summer!

Recently, The First Years introduced a Disney bath line and asked if Emerson was interested in testing out some of the toys. She told me yes -- so before we knew it a box full of goodies arrived.

Emerson loves lining up her toys along the bathtub edge. I guess it's easier to play with them?!

A special thanks to Dreamwave for supplying the Minnie Mouse swimsuit. The swimsuit can be found at Bealls, Amazon and Stage Stores. 

Mom's favorite part of the package was the The First Years Disney Baby Bath Scoop and Storage - Minnie Mouse [c/o]! Yup, all you have to do is scoop up the toys and hook it to the wall. No need to worry about the water because it will drain out.

Bath Squirt Toys - 3 Pack: Nemo [c/o] | Little Mermaid [c/o]

All in all, bath time is fun with this little girl and The First Years Disney bath toys!

The First Years Disney bath toys and accessories are available at Babies R Us!

Not pictured, but received: Disney Baby Helping Hands Bath Accessory - Mickey Mouse and Finding Nemo Drain Cover