Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

While I love the changing of the seasons,  I really wish summer lasted 6 months! I guess I could just move back to San Diego! Anyone want to sponsor that?! ;) Trust me you'll want to read to the end of this post! 

OK, let's get back on track here. Our girl Roxy loves summer as much as we do however, there's one thing she might like more -- dog treats! Come on who doesn't love a treat. Personally I'll take a scoop of ice cream anyday of the week, ahhh. I love ice cream.

Geez, another bird walk. But seriously I'm on a new meal  plan and all I can think about is food I can't eat.... more on that later. Roxy's not on that meal plan, while she probably could lose a few lbs -- shhh,  she can have all the treats in the world. Like, wait for it, Pup-Peroni dog treats! #beefupyoursummer

Pup-Peroni products are made with real meat, great taste and a tempting aroma that will transport your dog to a place of fun and excitement.

Yup, I went to the dark side and started giving my dog the most indulgent dog treat ever, Pup-Peroni beef sticks! One stick is gone within seconds of hitting her lips! She always comes back for seconds, but we try to limit to no more than two a day. Remember I said Roxy could lose a few lbs?!

So how does a mountain dog enjoy summer in Tahoe? Simple.

It's a fun life.... When Roxy isn't basking in the sun or running away from Emerson she can be found running through the woods, swimming, hiking or running along side a mountain bike. More posts on the adventures of Roxy can be found here.

Yay, you made it to the end! Now click HERE to beef up your summer!

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