Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Create a Succulent + Cactus Garden

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I inherited my love for plants and green thumb from my dad. As a child we always made a weekend trip to the nursery, or at least it seemed like it. Typically I always got to pick out my own a plant. Without fail I always picked out a succulent or cactus. It wasn't easy picking either. I'm sure what was only 15 minutes seemed like hours to me as a child. There were a few times I picked something other than a succulent, but those were far and few between. My dad probably regrets letting me plant mint in his garden -- it NEVER went away.

To this day my dad and step-mom's patio is lined with pots of succulents from my childhood.

Over the years, I've wanted to recreate a succulent/cactus garden for my house. However, living in Tahoe is a bit different than Southern California.

I've been persistent though. Just ask my husband. I have succulents here and there, but not a fun potted garden.

It was time for a change. Last weekend while I was shopping at Home Depot, for nothing related to succulents, on a whim I picked up a new pot, potting soil, and a few succulents. You all should know the hubby wasn't there to stop me. HAHA

After arriving home he promptly told me I wasn't allowed to go shopping by myself. Why? Well I came home with nothing he had on the list -- oops.

But like my father, he indulged in my vision.

How to Create a Succulent + Cactus Garden

First, I filled the pot with a little cactus + succulent potting mix. If you're not using the specialty soil I suggest using mini pebbles as your first layer to help with drainage.

Then I roughly figured out how I wanted to arrange my succulents for the indoor garden.  I purchased three new plants, but planned to incorporate a few I already had randomly in the house!

One at a time, I planted in each succulent, scooping and packing in cactus soil wherever needed and pushing everything in tightly.

Next I put in a layer of soil on top. If you're looking for something more decorative topsoil with mini pebbles. It does add a nice touch. I left a little space so I could add 1-2 more succulents over time. Oh, and don't forget to water once complete.

The Zebra succulent is a clipping from my childhood garden!

Easy peasy! Now I just have to decide where it will live in the house. Currently it's living on my kitchen island, but I'm thinking it would make for a fun centerpiece on my dinning room table.

While I love how simple and beautiful succulents are, they're not fragrant like flowers. Who doesn't love a fresh smelling house? This is where Glade® and Home Depot come to the rescue, again. Yes, more items not on the hubby's list. Do you see a pattern here?

I'm a fan of candles, but recently started using Glade® Room Spray. It eliminates odor and freshens the air, making your home uniquely inviting for all. Each is infused with essential oil extracts and comes in a variety of fragrances ensuring yours will always be an open home.

Personally I love the Clean Linen® fragrance. The classic scent of line dried laundry gets a modern twist of sunny citrus. The familiar feeling of clean comfort makes my home feel even cozier. Not your cup of tea? Try some of the other uplifting fragrances by Glade® -- Hawaiian Breeze®, Lavender & Peach Blossom, or Apple Cinnamon. If you're looking for something different you might want to try Glade® Wax Melts or Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil. A happy home is a good smelling home [In my opinion].

Do you have a green thumb? What are you planting this summer?

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  1. I love this! My daughter and I were just admiring some succulent container gardens at the store the other day and talking about putting together our own. This is a great tutorial and inspiration!

  2. I love these flowers! And having flowers in containers removes the need for "weeding". :)

  3. Love this! Succulents are much easier to take care of for people like me who don't have a green thumb!

  4. What a beautiful little garden!

    - Cait |

  5. I love succulent pots but have never got around to making or buying one. This has inspired me!

  6. I've been wanting to do a succulent mini garden but kept seeing how you need like 5 layers. Didn't realize there was an actual soil mix for it!! Totally going go head to the hardware store this weekend!

  7. This turned out beautifully, I love it! I need more succulents in my life.

  8. This is so cute! It turned out great!

    Amanda ||