Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Toddler Life | Play, Eat, Sleep -- Repeat

Thank you Cheerios products and Sam's Club for inspiring and sponsoring today's post. #LoveAncientGrains

Life with a Toddler is always changing. There's new words, life experiences, etc. As a SAHWM I've had to learn how to balance my toddler's needs and work. It isn't easy and there are a lot of early mornings and late nights, but I get to spend my time with this sweet girl so it's totally worth it.

We live a very active and healthy lifestyle. Most days are consumed with going to the beach, park, story time at the library, walking the dog or playing at home [while mom works].

Emerson plays hard, sleeps hard and eats well. Let's be honest my toddler eat's non-stop. I mean non-stop.

Recently, I've been running out of 'healthier' snack ideas. Especially on-the-go. When Emerson was younger she loved puffs so I decided why not introduce regular cereal. Here's the thing, I feel, most cereal is loaded with sugar, xyz. So the search began.

As I child, I grew up eating Cheerios and to this day still loves Cheerios! Naturally I would pass my love for Cheerios on to my sweetheart. She's a little young to enjoy them in a bowl with milk so I typically just pour them into one of the many snack containers we have.

Here are just a few reason I'm loving Ancient Grains + Multi Grain Cheerios:
+ 5 grams of sugar and ancient grains like KAMUT wheat, spelt, and quinoa 1
+ 7g Whole Grain Per Serving
+ Low Fat
+ 12 vitamins & Minerals

You can pick up a double box at Sam's Club for $6.58.

Anyway back to my sweet toddler. She just loves life. The key to a happy toddler is to play, read, explore and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How are you creating a healthy lifestyle for your kids?


  1. My little Stella loves Cheerios as well, but we havent tried the Multi-grain only the Original. Gotta try those ones soon! She's gorgeous btw

  2. My kids love Cheerios! You're little girl is so cute:)

  3. My little one is a big fan of Cheerios and I was just thinking the other day what alternatives there are out there that might have a little more goodness to them... thank for the suggestion!

  4. Your daughter sounds just like my kids. They eat all day!