Monday, September 19, 2016

Gourmet Dinner in 10 Minutes with Gobble

No, I'm not already talking about Thanksgiving. I'm talking about Gobble a "you cook" meal delivery service.

While it's not a new concept, Gobble is a new service to our busy family.  Yeah, yeah I know I work from home, but there are seriously not enough hours in the day for work, cleaning, cooking. working out, family or friends. I don't know how some of you do it.

I decided to take control and use a meal delivery service and I'm on the verge of hiring a cleaning lady. Yup, there are so many other things I would rather do with my time. Like hang out with my sweet girl.

Recently I was approached about testing out Gobble. After checking out the website and meals I figured why not. Based off their menu and our family preferences I picked Chicken Tikka Marsala and Pan-Seared Barramundi with Sweet Potato & Poblano Hash. Oh and they happen to throw in a few slice and bake cookies. While they were a welcomed tasty treat my diet wasn't too stoked about it. ;)

We've tried a few meal delivery services and Gobble has been the easiest and quickest to date. I'm talking one pan and dinner is ready in 10 minutes! Talk about mom win! We gave a little of the  Chicken Tikka Marsala to Emerson and she keep asking for more. We might have a foodie in the making.

Get $50 off your first box of 6 dinners when you use my link (original price $71.70)!

All in all Gobble is a win in my book. While it's not something we use every week it's definitely something I'll use when I know we have one of those weeks coming up, return to a empty fridge after vacation or just need a break from meal panning. Plus, their meal kits are so simple your eight year old could make dinner!

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